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We envy you. You’re about to experience the world of online gambling for the first time.

What’s that? You’re a little nervous? Don’t be. We can walk you through the online casino sign-up process until you know it just as well as we do.

For this little exercise, we’ll call upon our friends at Cherry Red Casino to provide the illustrations. Most online casinos are set up more or less the same way, so you don’t have to sign up with Cherry Red (though you could do much worse…especially with their new $7777 bonus…but we digress).

Casino Walkthrough1

The online casino’s front page will have any number of links to get you to the software. They’re typically huge and red and they’ll say helpful things like “Play Now!” or “Download” or “Get Started”.

In Cherry Red’s case, you should click on the “Download Now!” button.

If you’re very lucky, the online gambling software will download without any more help. But more likely, you’ll need to give it a little nudge by clicking on the “OK” or “Save File” button. Casino Walkthrough2
Casino Walkthrough3 Again, if you’re very lucky, the software will start to install itself. But more likely, you’ll have to tell it to continue.

A helpful and alarming message can sometimes pop up to remind you to only download software from people that you trust. If you’re using one of the casinos that we recommend, you can safely click on the “Run” button.

If it’s not one of our recommended online casinos, continue at your own risk!

Next, you’ll need to tell the online casino what to call you. Username, nickname, screen name…whatever they call it, it’s the name that they’ll know you by (so don’t pick something that sounds funny now but that you’ll be sick of in two weeks!)

There are a few more fields to fill in — some are required and some are optional. When you’re finished, click on the big “Create” button at the bottom to, uh, create your account!

Casino Walkthrough4

Casino login step 6

Every time you log in, you’ll need this information. If you think that there’s any possibility that you could forget it, write it down somewhere safe (especially if anyone else uses your computer!).

If you want to sample some online casino games without getting serious, you can select “Play for Fun”. When it’s time to get real and see what all the fuss is about, select “Play For Money“.

If your username and password is correct, click on “Login“.

As soon as you hit that big red button, you’ll officially be an online casino member. You made it! Yay! (hugs all around)

But before you get started playing real games, you have to use a deposit method to add money to your account…and make sure you use the best bonuses…but that’s a whole other page…

Casino Walkthrough6

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