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The Best Casino Bonuses

When you bring up the home page of an online casino, free bonus offers jump out at you. Every online casino bonus is an incentive to come and play at the online casinos, and very often it is the best casino bonus which makes one online casino more attractive than another. When you’re considering signing up with an online casino, you’ll definitely want to find the best online casino bonuses for your needs.

Basically, online casino bonuses can be divided into three categories: sign-up bonuses (including pre-sign-up casino bonuses, such as no deposit casino bonus codes), ongoing promotions for members, and VIP bonuses.

Sign-up Bonusesthere may be online casinos that do not offer an online casino sign up bonus, but I have yet to see one! This is usually where the best casino bonus are, or at least the most immediately tempting…

  • Deposit Matching Casino Bonuses – most often the online casinos will match a certain percentage of your deposit, up to a certain amount.

For example, BetUS Casino offers 100% of your first deposit, up to $500. This means that if you sign up and deposit $500 in your account, you’ll have an online casino bonus of $500 added for a total of $1000 to play with!

Some casinos will match your first AND second deposit. Rushmore Casino, for instance, matches 100% of your 1st AND 2nd bonuses, up to a total online casino sign up bonus of $888!

Best Online Casinos - Comparison Chart

RankLogo NameBonusSoftware PayoutsTrustedPlay NowReviewRating
1 Golden Casino $555 Vegas Tech 97.5%
2 Rushmore $888 RealTime 98.6%
3 Rome Casino $5,000 Top Game 97.7%
4 Millionaire Casino $5,000 Vegas Tech 98.4%
5 Online Vegas $5,000 Vegas Tech 98.7%

And the best online casino bonus (in the category of online casino sign up bonus, anyway) will match even more of your deposits. Go Casino matches 100% of your first 20 deposits, up to a huge $20,000!

  • Now, many casinos back this up with a “reload” bonus, which means that it doesn’t matter if it’s the 2nd deposit or the 100th, you’ll still get a bonus. Some casinos restrict this to certain days or times (“happy hour” promotions), and some offer loyalty points instead of dollar values, but nearly all online casinos offer some sort of deposit matching after the online casino sign up bonus.
  • Many online casinos offer something extra along with the deposit matching online casino bonus. Sometimes it’s some free spins of a slot machine (CasinoUK has the best casino bonus of this sort that I’ve seen; they’re currently doing 30 of these with their Osbournes slots) and sometimes it’s free entries into tournaments (e.g., Golden Casino offers 4 right now).
  • A number of casinos are moving away from the deposit bonuses and offering what they call a “no deposit bonus”. While not as common, there are more and more no deposit bonus online casinos.  Typically, they’ll offer you an amount of money in your account for a certain amount of time so that you can play and win real money before you even sign up. Mummy’s Gold, for example, gives you and hour to play with $500. Whatever you win with that money is yours to keep, so keep an eye out for those no deposit casino bonus codes!

Silver Oak

$777 Bonus

Silver Oak is an stylish online casino and is dedicated to fair and responsible gaming. Highly recommended

Lucky Red

$4000 Bonus

Lucky Red Casino offers a stylish gaming atmosphere without sacrificing security or customer support. Highly recommended

2. Ongoing Casino Bonuses and Promotionsthese come in almost as many flavors as there are online casinos.

  • Many have specific promotions for different types of games; a casino bonus for slots, a casino bonus for blackjack, et cetera.
  • Some offer daily, weekly, weekend, or monthly specials. The “happy hours” we mention earlier fall into this category.
  • Keep an eye out for the “one-time only” promotion – this will be the best online casino bonus of all; sometimes casinos are very extravagant, offering trips to exotic destinations, or luxury autos, or six- and seven-figure prizes.

3. VIP Casino Bonusesas a reward for loyal members, the best casino bonuses are sometimes offered to customers who spend a certain amount of time playing at the casino.

  • Not all of these are specific membership programs; many casinos simply give you ‘loyalty points’ every time you play and these add up to a special online casino bonus.
  • Some casinos have subscription-type VIP programs, where you buy into a club that offers special bonuses and preferred access to games and events.
  • Some casinos do have invitation-only VIP programs, where they contact you after as certain amount of time or money has been spent.
  • Some VIP programs have tiers or levels which provide increasingly better rewards (again, usually based upon the amount you’ve spent). This is often where you’ll find the very best online casino bonus of all!

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