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Online bingo is a classic casino game of chance, played by millions of devoted fans. In bingo, players receive tickets or cards which have a series of numbers on them, then attempt to mark these numbers off in one horizontal line or more. Filling up the entire card is called a full house and is the win with the highest payout.

For example, at Jackpot Joy recently, a player by the name of Teresa S took home £131,277 after calling Bingo in 36 balls.

“This was such a life changing win for us,” she told Jackpot Joy representatives. “I’ve been able to pay of the last of our mortgage and it’s an amazing feeling to know we have no worries in life!”

“I couldn’t believe it for days afterwards but once we had the money and started paying everything off it certainly felt real!”

We’ve rounded up some of the best and trusted online casinos that offer everything a bingo lover could wish for – themed bingo games, progressive bingo, bingo chat rooms and BBSs, tournaments, and new bingo games starting every few minutes. You can play free bingo games, or cheap bingo games (for as little as a penny a game!).

Playing bingo online is a community event – it’s also stress-free. All of the online casinos that we recommend have chat rooms, bingo lounges and community boards where players can play and chat at the same time! They also offer progressive bingo games, where an ever-accumulating jackpot is up for grabs for bingo players. Additionally, making withdrawals and deposits at our top choices is simple, straightforward and safe, and the bonuses that these sites offer are truly impressive. There’s always a slew of ongoing daily, weekly and monthly promotions that current members can enjoy as well.

Best Online Bingo - Comparison Chart

RankLogo NameFree BonusMatch Bonus SoftwareGiant Jackpots Play NowReviewRating
1 Bingo Hall $5 150% Parlay Entertainment
2 123 Bingo Online £25 300% Parlay
3 Bingo Knights $25 300% Parlay Entertainment
4 South Beach Bingo $5 150% Parlay Entertainment
5 Internet Bingo Free Parlay Entertainment

As you can see there are many sites to play online bingo at, please try them out above and see for yourself. The basics of the game couldn’t be simpler. In bingo, cards are arranged with three horizontal columns and 9 vertical columns. In the first vertical column, numbers from one to nine appears, in the second numbers from ten to nineteen can appear, and so on. Each of the horizontal rows contains four blank spaces, meaning it takes five numbers to completely fill in a row.

Bingo players typically play one or more card per hand. The more hands you play at once, the more frantic it can become. However, when playing online bingo the cards are automatically marked, relieving some of the pressures of attempting to manage multiple online bingo tickets at the same time.

A variation on bingo is keno, and the game consists of marking twenty out of 80 possible numbers of a card. The numbers are then drawn and players are paid based on how many numbers they matched. The online keno scene, like bingo, is burgeoning and you can find both games at any of our stellar recommended online casinos.

So what are you waiting for? Go out there, visit our recommended sites and join in on some Bingo / Keno games. You’ll make some friends, have some fun, and hopefully turn a profit!

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