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The growth of online bingo is astounding. In the UK, online bingo is one of the most popular activities, and much of that fever is spreading to the US as more and more people discover how much fun the online bingo experience can be.

Who can say if the most attractive part of online bingo is the free online bingo games, the exciting community feeling in the online bingo chat rooms, the whimsical and creative nature of the online bingo chat games and bonuses, or simply the thrill of online gambling in a uniquely safe and secure environment?

Still, the recent juggling of policy and legality regarding online gambling has left many people wondering about the status of online bingo in the US. We’re here to answer a few questions, to reassure you that online bingo is alive and well in the United States.

Just to prove it, we’ve come up with a list of some of the very best online bingo sites that are verified to be completely legal to play for US citizens.

Best US Bingo - Comparison Chart

RankLogo NameFree BonusMatch Bonus SoftwareGiant Jackpots Play NowReviewRating
1 Bingo Hall $5 150% Parlay Entertainment
2 123 Bingo Online £25 300% Parlay
3 Bingo Knights $25 300% Parlay Entertainment
4 South Beach Bingo $5 150% Parlay Entertainment
5 Internet Bingo Free Parlay Entertainment

If you have any further questions, or want to explore some of the details of any particular online bingo parlor, feel free to browse our more in-depth reviews of each site, from the “Reviews” section of the menu above.

Now, UK online bingo gets its own page, so no feeling left out! The “Best UK/World Bingo” page will give you the same results, tailor-made for your particular part of the online bingo world.

We must stress that there is absolutely nothing wrong with browsing any of the online bingo sites, whether they happen to serve your country or not. US players can check out the UK online bingo sites all they want (in case you’re curious about the differences between online bingo games, or to peruse their resources).

It’s all just regular web surfing as long as you don’t put any money down (and most online bingo sites will know where you are from and won’t even let you wager, but it’s still better to be safe than sorry!).

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