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Whether they’re actually willing to admit it publicly (or even to their closest friends, family, and colleagues) or not, most people do enjoy bingo games. They’ve been a mainstay of Americana for decades. Once largely the almost exclusive province of small town church basements and legion halls (where they helped pass many an otherwise boring evening and raised untold millions of dollars for a staggering array of worthy causes), bingo games started to come out of the closet in the age of the World Wide Web. Or at least up out of the church basement.

Since nearly everything can now be found on the Internet, it will probably come as no great surprise to anyone reading this to learn that online bingo games are, indeed, available. We rounded up a collection of online casinos that cater to bingo players. These premium bingo sites have made sure that their online bingo games are a blast to play. You’ll find themed bingo games, new bingo games starting every few minutes, bingo chat rooms, bingo BBSs, progressive bingo games, bingo tournaments, and much, much more. As well, you’ll be able to play for free, or play really cheap bingo games (for as little as a penny!).

Bingo Hall

150% Deposit Bonus

Bingo Hall is a fun and exciting online bingo site with big winnings and great prizes. Highly recommended A++

Bingo Knights

300% Deposit Bonus

Bingo Knights has all you want, fun games, great promotions and huge amounts awarded monthly! Highly recommended

USA Bingo

$30 Free Bonus

USA Bingo is the top online bingo site for US players, plus they have great deposit deals. Highly recommended

South Beach Bingo

$5 Free Bonus

South Beach Bingo has great games and even offers winnings on free bingo! Highly recommended

Before so-called Indian Casinos, bingo games were mainstays as a revenue source on more than a few Native American reservations, attracting throngs of both tourists and townies on a nightly basis. Proving to be popular (i.e. lucrative), the tribes eventually built large bingo halls on their ancestral lands. Not surprisingly, many of these bingo halls evolved into full-fledged casinos as tribal gaming grew exponentially over the last few decades. These “Indian” bingo halls eventually gave thousands, primarily Americans, their first taste for bingo.

If you love bingo games, you need to check out our listing of highly-recommended online casinos. They all offer up the most exciting, creative bingo games that you’ll find anywhere on the net. These online casinos have been specially chosen by us – with years of online gambling behind us – with a discerning eye for quality of games, top playability, great customer service and support and with the ease that they provide safe, fast and secure banking transactions.

In case you’ve never played, bingo games are among the very easiest games of chance to play. The rules are extremely simple and can be learned in a couple of minutes (even if you find games like poker and blackjack to be daunting). Bingo games are games of strategy that can be played and enjoyed by anyone, even a very young child. (Although we really don’t recommend that children actually play for money). The game works like this: each player is given one or more small, square cards with the word B-I-N-G-O spelled out at the top. Beneath each letter is a column of randomly generated single- and double-digit numbers. The players sit at rows of tables with their cards laid out in front of them, while the “caller,” who stands at the front of the room, picks out alphanumerically numbered balls from some sort of spinning device and then announces the number to the players (e.g. “G-17”). Players having that alphanumeric sequence on their cards mark it with an indelible marker. When a player completes an entire row across, they yell out “Bingo!!!” very loudly, and usually collect a prize or monetary winnings. Of course, playing bingo online is usually a quieter affair

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