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You might be simply amazed at how many people love to play bingo. Or maybe you wouldn’t be. After all, it is an absolute blast to play! But you no longer have to wait for a game at a church or a legion hall in your neighborhood. That’s because free online bingo is now as close as your keyboard, 24/7/365.

Bingo Hall

150% Deposit Bonus

Bingo Hall is a fun and exciting online bingo site with big winnings and great prizes. Highly recommended A++

Bingo Knights

300% Deposit Bonus

Bingo Knights has all you want, fun games, great promotions and huge amounts awarded monthly! Highly recommended

USA Bingo

$30 Free Bonus

USA Bingo is the top online bingo site for US players, plus they have great deposit deals. Highly recommended

South Beach Bingo

$5 Free Bonus

South Beach Bingo has great games and even offers winnings on free bingo! Highly recommended

That’s right, we did say free online bingo! Thanks to the modern miracle of the World Wide Web, you no longer have to shell out money to play bingo if you don’t particularly want to. Better yet, free online bingo is always ready to play whenever you are.

Free online bingo can be found at many online casinos, as well as at more specialized online bingo parlors. Unlike the brick-and-mortar version of bingo games, online players can play for free or for money. We’ve taken the liberty to list our favorite online casinos that we guarantee will be able to provide you with a great bingo-playing experience. Their bingo games are second to none – you’ll find theme bingo games, bingo chat rooms and BBSs, progressive bingo games, tournaments, and more. Check out our top picks below.

While free online bingo may lack a bit of the kitschy ambiance of its brick-and-mortar counterpart (you won’t see Grandma or Aunt Mable jumping up and down screaming “Bingo!!!” as loudly as they possibly can while their dentures go flying across the room), it more than makes up for it in the fact that’s always available, whenever and wherever you want to play. And if you’re looking for a green activity, free online bingo could easily be considered close to perfect. Free online bingo does not involve any paper products made from trees. Free online bingo emits no greenhouse gases. And free online bingo certainly bears no responsibility whatsoever for acid rain. Free online bingo is simply right there on your home or office computer, waiting for you to come and play it.

Not only does free online bingo alleviate boredom, or doldrums at the office, it’s a great stress release the next time you’re sitting in the waiting room of your doctor’s or dentist’s office. Not to mention that free online bingo is the perfect way to practice playing bingo for money. When you’re ready to take a plunge and play bingo online for money, you can do so for as little as one penny (!) a game at the top online casinos that we recommend. Which can add an entirely new dimension to spending a rainy or snowy weekend parked in front of the computer screen, or curled up on the sofa with your laptop.

We have many years experience gambling online, and this handful of online casinos have made our exclusive listing not only because of the great games that they provide, but also because of the amazing customer support they give their members, the hefty bonuses that new and old members receive, the security and speed of banking transactions and many other key factors.

Click that mouse and start enjoying free online bingo today.

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