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We will show you exactly what you need to do to play bingo online. The online bingo guide is a bit long, so choose what you need to know:

1. This page will show you how to get started with an online bingo website (from selecting a bingo site to signing up and depositing money in your account). Perfect place to start if you’re either a bingo beginner or an Internet newcomer — or both!

2. The following page will get you playing online bingo once your account is already set up. Perfect place to skip to if you’re comfortable surfing the net, and you simply need to know how to start using the online bingo software to actually play a game of bingo!

Signing Up for Online Bingo

1st step table

Click on the logo, the name, or the “Play Now” button to go to one of our best Bingo Websites from the table below.

We’ll use Bingo as our example for this page. Feel free to keep this page handy while we walk you through the process!


Here you’ll see the main page of the bingo site that you’ve selected. There’s lots of great information for you to review when you need to know more.

Click the BingoHall_main Button button.

(you can also click on the “Sign Up” link at the top of the page. Your chosen website may say “Play Now” instead…it’s all the same thing!)


Next, you’ll see the Registration Page (it’s a little different on each site, but the basics are always the same!).

  1. Enter your desired “alias” (just a nickname or screen name)
  2. Choose a password. Type it again to be sure!
  3. Enter the email address that you wish to use.
  4. (optional) If a friend recommended the site, put their number in the “referral account” box.
  5. Type the security code number shown next to the box.
  6. Review Terms & Conditions, and make sure all boxes are checked (unless you don’t want the sign-up bonus!)
  7. Click the BingoHall_registration submit button.

Successful registration

The next screen verifies all of your info — you may want to write it down somewhere!

Click the Successful registration submit button to move on.

Bingo Lobby

The next thing that you’ll see is the Lobby, which shows you the various games and the important details about each game.

Oh, and if you happen to get a floating popup box such as this:

Bingo Lobby bonus box

This is mainly for the people who aren’t sure that they want to play real bingo. Just go ahead and click on the “X” in the top right corner to close it.

Bingo Lobby account closeup

On the right side of the main page, you’ll see a column that gives your user details, including how much you have in your account, and any bonuses that you’ve received.

There’s also several buttons that take you to various useful pages, including your profile, the cashier, the help desk, and more.

The first thing that we want to do is add some money to the account, so choose the Bank or Cashier buttons. In this example, they look like this:

Bingo Lobby account button or Bingo Lobby account cashier button

(again, whatever they’re called, they’ll all take you to the same page!)

Bingo complete registration

The first time you click on the cashier page to make a deposit, you’ll be taken to a page to complete your registration.

Your personal details will be completely secure — the only bingo sites that we EVER recommend have the best security measures you can find on the ‘net — as good as (or better than) eBay, Amazon, or even your bank’s webpage!

Once you’re done, click Successful registration submitto go to the deposit page.

Bingo deposit

The deposit screen will have a number of deposit options — choose the method which is best for you.

The credit card option is probably the fastest and easiest, but any of the methods are guaranteed 100% secure, and will follow a similar process.

Click Bingo deposit button to go to the next step.

BingoHall_credit info

On the next page, you’ll enter the details for your payment method.

Remember, the website wants to make sure that you are protected — that’s why they have encryption and secure connections!

For credit cards, that’s also why they’ll ask you to email or fax them an authorization form, including a photocopy of your ID. They don’t provide your info to anyone, and they make certain that everyone signing up for the site is who they say they are!

For most other types of deposits, you may only need to enter a username, account number and/ or routing number, and password. If it is an online (e-wallet) service, you’ll probably be taken to your service’s webpage for confirmation.

Bingo Lobby closeup

Depending on the method that you selected, the funds may be immediately available or you may have to wait for them to process.

As soon as your deposit is credited, you’ll see the difference in your balance in the column on the right.

When you’re ready, return to the bingo site’s Lobby to check out the available games!

Next step: Playing the Game!

Playing bingo is easy – finding where to play bingo (or keno or other variants) online can be tricky. The classic game has turned into a full-fledged 21st Century trend; you’ll find themed bingo, new games starting every few minutes (no matter what time of the day you can play!), bingo chat rooms, progressive bingo games, tournaments, and much more.

Bingo Hall

150% Deposit Bonus

Bingo Hall is a fun and exciting online bingo site with big winnings and great prizes. Highly recommended A++

Bingo Knights

300% Deposit Bonus

Bingo Knights has all you want, fun games, great promotions and huge amounts awarded monthly! Highly recommended

USA Bingo

$30 Free Bonus

USA Bingo is the top online bingo site for US players, plus they have great deposit deals. Highly recommended

South Beach Bingo

$5 Free Bonus

South Beach Bingo has great games and even offers winnings on free bingo! Highly recommended

Playing bingo is easy: each player is given one or more small, square cards with the word B-I-N-G-O spelled out at the top. Beneath each letter are randomly generated single- and double-digit numbers, each one contained in its own little square. The players sit at rows of tables with their cards laid out in front of them, while the “caller,” who stands at the front of the room, picks out alphanumerically numbered balls from some sort of device that pops them up much like on televised lottery drawings announces the number to the players (such as “I-49”). Players having that alphanumeric sequence on their cards mark it with an indelible marker. When a player completes an entire row across, he / she wins.

Playing bingo online is even easier. Check out our top picks of online casinos that offer up great bingo games. They offer free bingo games (and cheap bingo games as well, for as little as a penny a game!). These online sites have been carefully chosen by our staff of researchers who considered key factors such as variety of games that they offer, the ease in deposit and collecting monies, their level of customer service, and the degree of bonuses they give to new and current members alike. These are, in our experience, the very best of the best.

So now that you know how to play bingo, visit our top picks and start playin’!

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