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How to Play Bingo part 2: Playing the Game!

Bingo lobby game detail

Each individual game listing shows:

  1. How many people are playing
  2. How soon the next game starts
  3. The cost of each round
  4. The prize amount
  5. The amount of the progressive jackpot (if any)
  6. The room name, which often indicates the cost of each card (“quarter”, “dollar” and “dimes” rooms). Clicking on this link will open up the Bingo game screen and automatically place you in the Chat Room
  7. The specific game name, which will give you the theme of the game — clicking on this will also open up the Bingo game screen for that room
  8. you may see Pre-Order Cards — clicking on this will take you to a page where you can buy cards before you go to the Bingo room. It can give you some useful options, but we’ll skip this step for now.
  9. Finally, a big red Bingo play now button which will open up the Bingo Screen.
Bingo Game Screen The Game Screen has a lot of features. A newcomer to bingo (or even a veteran who is unused to the online experience) may feel a bit overwhelmed at first. Trust us, you’ll be up to speed in no time!

  • Money details on the left
  • Your cards in the middle
  • Chat is down below
  • The calls are on the right

That’s really all you need to know to get started, but we’ll be happy to go step-by-step if you’d like a little more.

Bingo Game Screen Left

  • The grid at the top shows the squares that need to be covered to win the big prize (in this example, in red).
  • The pattern name & prize is shown right below the grid
  • The time remaining until the next game starts as well as the price of each card
  • “Quick Buy” will get you an automatic selection of any number of cards…don’t worry, you get the chance to back out before you click the “Buy” button
  • “Get New Cards” will shuffle the available cards unlimited times just in case you don’t like the ones in front of you.
  • “Buy” makes your choices official. You can continue to buy more cards until just before the game starts — a message will appear to let you know when time is running out!
  • The bottom simply shows user and game-related information, including account balance and number of players in the room (will be slightly different from the number of players in the chat!)

Bingo Game Screen Middle

In the center of the screen (before the game begins!) you be able to view all of the bingo cards that you may select. Note the scroll bar at the bottom to change which of the selection you can currently see. You can select any number of these cards, from zero to as many as your account will cover. You may even re-shuffle (via the “Get New Cards” button on the left) for even more choices. Until you click on the Buy button, none of your selections are permanent.

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