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Lottery Guide

Online lotto tickets are just like the lotto tickets you buy at your local 7-11 except bought right in your own home! They are easy to get, and can have huge payouts just like the tickets you bought from the lottery elsewhere.

When you buy an online lotto ticket for a physical lottery, you are purchasing a ticket to a real lotto game like The New York Lotto, or The Irish Lotto. These are ideal for individuals who are trying to purchase tickets for big games that are not available in states or countries in which they are currently living. Buying the lotto lotto tickets online will ensure that you are able to get in on the big jackpot.

Lotto is a distant cousin to bingo and keno. All casino games rely on picking numbers and a draw determining whether there are match ups. In our experience, we’ve only run across a handful of reputable online casinos that manage to get lotto, bingo and keno games right.

Bingo Hall

150% Deposit Bonus

Bingo Hall is a fun and exciting online bingo site with big winnings and great prizes. Highly recommended A++

Bingo Knights

300% Deposit Bonus

Bingo Knights has all you want, fun games, great promotions and huge amounts awarded monthly! Highly recommended

USA Bingo

$30 Free Bonus

USA Bingo is the top online bingo site for US players, plus they have great deposit deals. Highly recommended

South Beach Bingo

$5 Free Bonus

South Beach Bingo has great games and even offers winnings on free bingo! Highly recommended

When you buy these lotto tickets online, you will be asked to provide your choice of numbers, usually picking one to five numbers. Draws usually consist of 6 or 7 balls. If a certain number of your picks match the numbers on the balls drawn, you win. There are smaller lottos and national ones. For the smaller-sized lotto games, draws can take place daily. For the national lottos (such as the New York Lotto, the Irish Lotto, and the Spanish Lotto), draws usually occur on a weekly basis. Draws are scheduled, so you’ll know exactly when the next one will happen. Winners that lock in large wins may be required to pick up their winnings in person.

As mentioned, lotto is related to keno and bingo, in terms of the randomness of the drawn numbers and player picks. The online casinos that we recommend offer great, creative lotto, bingo and keno games of every scope and variety. You’ll find 6 and 7 ball draws, and lotto draws that take place on a daily and weekly basis. And for you bingo players, you’ll find progressive bingo games, free and cheap bingo, bingo chat rooms and BBSs, and other great community boards.

These highly-regarded online casinos have been specifically and carefully chosen by us due to their exceptional offerings (such as great bonuses, and truly unique prizes and jackpots) and their level of exceptional customer care and security that they offer all members. If you play at any one of these sites, you’re already a winner

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