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Finding online casinos that offer lotto isn’t terribly difficult. Finding the right online casinos might take more doing, but it’s definitely worth your while. There are so many variations of online lotteries in terms of scope, draw schedules, on a local and national level, that it helps clear up confusion if you have the right guide.

That’s where we come in.

The lotto bears a close resemblance to keno and bingo, in terms of its casino game counterparts. All rely on draws that consists of randomly-chosen numbers, and players pick their own numbers hoping for matches. It would make sense that our top picks of online casinos that happen to excel in bingo games and play also excel in lotto plays. We’ve put together the best, most respected online casinos where you can play lotto games, big or small.

Bingo Hall

150% Deposit Bonus

Bingo Hall is a fun and exciting online bingo site with big winnings and great prizes. Highly recommended A++

Bingo Knights

300% Deposit Bonus

Bingo Knights has all you want, fun games, great promotions and huge amounts awarded monthly! Highly recommended

USA Bingo

$30 Free Bonus

USA Bingo is the top online bingo site for US players, plus they have great deposit deals. Highly recommended

South Beach Bingo

$5 Free Bonus

South Beach Bingo has great games and even offers winnings on free bingo! Highly recommended

All of the online casinos that we recommend have passed rigorous tests by third-party regulatory bodies that evaluate their claims for payouts percentages, verify previous winnings, and the like. As well, we’ve patronized these sites as well, assessing them against our own rigorous standards of integrity. We’ve reviewed them under a microscope and across many areas, such as their speed, accuracy and ease when dealing with banking transactions (both withdrawals and deposits), the number and scope of bonuses and promotions they offer, the level and commitment to customer service and support, etc. We’re pleased to report that they’ve passed each one of our tests. When it comes to playing the lotto, you want to be confident that the sites that you choose not only offer all of the member benefits as mentioned above, but also offer the best scope of lotto play possible. Our hot list of recommended online casinos offer 6 and 7-ball draw lotto games with both daily and weekly draws, and you’ll be able to play in the New York Lotto, the Irish Lotto, and the Spanish Lotto among many others. And you can do so with the utmost confidence.

For more information on lotteries (particularly online lotteries) visit our Lotteries page. Also, for those interested in lotteries, check out the Scratch Cards listing as well.

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