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Baccarat is not your typical card game. Players bet on either the bank or the house to win, but the bank does not necessarily mean the casino and the player does not refer to the particular person playing. It has been popular in casinos for years and glamorized in the James Bond franchise. Although not many players are familiar with the rules, they are almost certainly familiar with the game.

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Playing Baccarat

Cards are dealt out from multiple decks (usually six, sometimes eight) to two hands: the player and the house. Rather than play against each other, players bet either on the bank or player prevailing. Players can also bet on a tie, although that is a rarer outcome.

In baccarat, cards are added up based on their value. All face cards and tens are worth 0, Aces are worth 1, and all other cards are worth their respective numbers. The values of the cards are added together, and will reset if they go over nine. For example, a 9 and an Ace (9+1) would add up to 0, as it would start over again after going past 9. The goal of the game is to end the game with the highest possible score.

Two cards minimum are dealt to both the bank and the player and three cards maximum. When either has an 8 or 9 combined scored on the board, it is called a natural. When a natural is scored, no further cards will be dealt. Players must draw a card if their hand totals less than 6.

The casinos only advantage in baccarat is the small rake they take on the winnings of any house bet. Any bets made on house will have 5% of the winnings taken by the house. This means that players have a fairly good shot at leaving ahead with intelligent play and a little bit of luck. Baccarat has some of the best odds for players in all of gaming.

Head to our Baccarat Glossary for more specifics on the terminology used at the baccarat table.

Online Baccarat

For many first tie players, baccarat can be intimidating. The solution, of course, is to go out and get your feet wet. Places like Golden Palace and Bodog feature both play money and real tables. New players should take advantage of the free tables to sit down and play. Soon, they will discover that baccarat is both entertaining and easier than they had imagined.

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