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Card Counting

Card Counting is a system in blackjack that helps players understand their chance of drawing a favorable card. Decks with more high cards in them are more advantageous to players while decks with lots of low cards favor the house. The general idea is that more high cards having been deal are worse for the card counter.

Card counting requires practice, and there’s no better way to practice blackjack strategy than online. You can take your time perfecting methods of card counting, and you can use your “pause” button to temporarily hold play until you’re ready to make your next move. Here are some of the best online casinos that will let you practice your blackjack game until you’ve mastered it.

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There are over a dozen books which attempt to teach card counting systems, but playing online is one of the best ways to get into card counting, as you can practice for free or play with lower stakes (plus, there are no pesky casino security guards who’ll kick you out for winning big!). Fact is, when you attempt to learn card counting, your best friend is practice. For top practice runs, try playing blackjack and card counting at any of the amazingly-realistic blackjack table at some of our recommended online sites below:

Most card counters eschew keeping track of specific cards, and rather assign positive and negative values to cards and tallying them up as they are being dealt. In the most basic system face cards (10, J, Q, K, A) count as -1 and low cards (2, 3, 4, 5, 6) are +1. Middle cards (7,8,9) are considered neutral and have a value of zero. The higher the number, the better chance a player has of being dealt a favorable hand. Each “round” of card counting is only good until the deck is shuffled again, at which point players must start over.

If accurate count is kept, a player should always have a good idea on the odds of any given hand. Card counting is not a guarantee that you will win, however. What it means it that you can get out of a hand without betting too much when the odds are poor, and make big bets when the time is right.

There are advanced versions of card counting which feature more complicated tracking systems. Some provide different values for cards (Aces count as 0 other face cards remain at -1). Other methods weight middle cards higher, as they are more likely to tip a player over 21.

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