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Blackjack is a game that relies on skill, not just luck. In fact, if I had a scale, it would weigh more heavily on the skill side of things.

There are thousands of books that will teach you “perfect strategy” and countless references where a player could procure a strategy card or chart. One important factor to mastering the game is to study a strategy card, refer to it while playing hands of blackjack and memorizing its conventions. Another factor is practicing your game at online casinos, where you can do so for free. Here’s a listing of some of our favorite online casinos to get your blackjack game on.

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There’s another tool that players can and should use that can greatly increase their odds of winning the game, while simultaneously reducing the house edge. Introducing the blackjack trainer.

A blackjack trainer is a software program that can help you practice your blackjack moves. Basically, it emulates a blackjack hand, dealing one dealer’s upcard and dealing your hand of two cards. You are then asked what your move should be, based on the cards dealt. If you answer correctly, everything’s kosher. If you happen to choose the wrong choice, the program will tell you that the choice is incorrect, and will also tell you which choice you should have gone with. Below you’ll find a blackjack trainer for download.

Our advice is to practice blackjack at any of the highly-respected online casinos that we recommend. Not only will you find every variation of the game at these sites, but these trusted sites also offer exclusive bonuses for blackjack players and new members, in addition to offering top-notch customer support and safe banking transactions.

A blackjack trainer is a great tool that will prompt you into making the right decisions. Before you know it, making the right moves will become an automatic process. A blackjack trainer, along with practice runs at reputable online casinos like those that we recommend, will help you master the game in no time.

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