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Craps Odds

Craps is a game of the odds. When you wager, you should be aware of the risk and reward you’re setting yourself up for with every round you play. While the outcome is determined by a roll of the dice, understanding your odds is one of the ways to get any type of edge on the house.

If you are not familiar with the basics of craps, check out a quick overview of craps before you start getting involved with the odds. In our opinion, the very best way to learn craps is to jump into the game, and there’s no better, safer place to do it than at some of our recommended online casinos.

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Learning how to play craps and discovering the game’s intricate odds just got a whole lot easier. At the trusted online casinos that we’ve listed for you, you’ll find how-tos, tutorials, and more importantly, the best, most realistic online craps games that you’ll find anywhere. The online casinos offer new players the heftiest welcome bonuses, and their customer service and support is second to none. We know, ‘cuz we choose to play here ourselves!

Basic Craps Odds

  • Pass line vs Don’t Pass line – The pay out for a simple line bet is 1:1. There is a very small statistical advantage to betting on the Don’t Pass line, although both options are very close to a 50% win ratio. Whichever you bet, the house will have a very small advantage so if you start winning big, it might be time to quit while you’re ahead.

  • Hardways – Roll doubles to get a 4, 6, 8 or 10. The payout and the odds are a little higher on rolling a 6 or 8, but statistically you have a better advantage over the house than betting 4 or 10. Usually, it is the more prudent payout-to-odds ratio to bet on a hardway 6 or 8.

  • Individual Numbers – Out of all the possible combinations when rolling two dice, seven is the most common. This means that, statistically, a player has a decent shot at winning when they bet on rolling “any seven.” However, the payout is 20% less than the actual odds, meaning that you might be better wagering on the dice showing craps or one of the hardways. Still, betting on sevens or 5s and 9s might be a good way to get a quick cash flow going early into your game of craps.  The graph below shows the odds of any particular number being rolled with two dice.

  • Come vs Don’t Come – For players betting on come vs. don’t come, the options for “come” are usually more favorable. There are better odds for don’t come, but the payouts are low and don’t hold up as well against the other option. Players would be better advised to place their bets on an individual number in the long run.

Betting On The Point

In some casinos, you are allowed to place a bet on the outcome after the point. If you do play at a place where this is a option, remember that 7 is the most common result of two dice being rolled, so pass/come bets are more risky. However, if the point is a 6 or an 8 the chances of the player matching them are nearly as good as that of rolling a 7, making betting on come or one of those two numbers individually a good option.

Can I Beat The House In Craps?

Short answer: don’t count on it. Long Answer: making wise betting decisions will increase your odds of getting a big payout at the right time. However, the only way to stay in the money when playing craps is to have the restraint to walk away after you’ve started winning big.

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