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Craps Tips

Craps is a game of chance, but there are a few tips to help you play your best. To supplement this page, by the way, feel free to check out the craps overview and the craps odds.

One of the most valuable tips we can give you is tell you where you can practice your craps game and strategy for free. We’ve created a listing of top-ranked online casinos that offer players free play, along with many other stellar benefits.

In addition to providing new craps players with a safe forum to practice their game, our recommended online casinos also offer players the most mind-boggling, realistic craps play since this side of Vegas. You’ll finjd every variation of the game here, and these sites offer member unparalleled advantages: you’ll find the largest welcome bonuses, the best customer support, and the safest places to place financial transactions. Withdrawing funds is just as fast and easy as making deposits. And after you’ve practiced, then mastered craps, you’ll be able to enjoy the hundreds of other casino games that you’ll find at these trusted sites.

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  • Understand The Odds – Craps is a game of the odds. A player can make money by just betting blindly, but it won’t last over the long run. Understand how you stand against the house, and determine when you think it would be most beneficial to you to take higher odds for a more solid payout.

  • Keep Your Cool – Try not to get too high or too low when playing craps. If you are a winning streak, it is possible to begin to feel invincible and stop thinking about the correct odds. Players on a high can bet more than they would be comfortable losing and set themselves up for huge losses. Players who are feeling down or upset can also make unwise bets to try and earn back money they lost. Understand your own behavior!

  • Quit While You’re Ahead – A corollary to the above tip, craps players need to know that they can’t win forever. There are some chances for some great payouts when you play craps, but at the end of the day the house always has the advantage. If you’re way up after playing for a long time, it might be time to just pack your bags and cash in your chips. Why tempt the fates by continuing to wager your big wins? You can always take some of your winnings and come back to play again later.

  • Get a Feel For The Game – To really understand craps and all of its rules and strategies, you have to play. No tip guide or strategy book can make you a winner – practice makes perfect. Go to a website like Golden Palace, play some games, and figure out where you’re at. Getting your hands dirty is the best way to get involved and build confidence in your craps game.

Remember that whatever you do, it is a game of chance. Controlling your bets, understanding the odds, and most importantly controlling yourself is the best way to succeed at craps, but there is no sure-fire way to win. Play craps to enjoy the thrill, the excitement of rolling the dice. If you win big, consider it a bonus.

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