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Most if not all online casinos have a terms and condition page, which usually lists their and members’ rules of conduct. There are a couple of simple, basic rules that all prospective online gamblers should be made aware of, before they jump in. One of most basic online gambling rules is that only adult players (those that have reached the “age of maturity” in their jurisdiction or the age of 21, whichever is greater) can participate. Another general rule is that players can play for private and non-professional purposes.

There are some murky gray areas in terms of online gambling legislation, which differs in the U.S. vis-a-vis the rest of the world, so we’ve put together a hot list of 100% reliable and reputable online casinos that are legislation-aware and U.S. friendly. Their online gambling rules, as listed on their terms and condition page, are straightforward – and they’ve dotted their Is and crossed all of their Ts to ensure that your online casino experience is safe, sound and exciting. Their casino games are truly amazing, and they also offer new members formidable welcome bonuses, along with many other promotional benefits. They’re regulated by many third-parties within their jurisdiction, ensuring the best and safest play.

Silver Oak

$777 Bonus

Silver Oak is an stylish online casino and is dedicated to fair and responsible gaming. Highly recommended

Lucky Red

$4000 Bonus

Lucky Red Casino offers a stylish gaming atmosphere without sacrificing security or customer support. Highly recommended

In Europe, it’s up to each country to allow online gambling (and most member of the European Union are on board with the concept) and in the US, there may be both federal and state laws that govern certain aspects of the industry. All major online casinos are aware of the legislation, and have put in site measures that restricts a player from participating in online gambling outside of his / her jurisdiction. For example, if an online casino has opted not to allow U.S. players to join up, if a U.S. player attempts to access their website or download their software, they’ll often get a popup window disallowing him / her from proceeding.

Online gambling laws are continually evolving, so it recommended and behooves every prospective player to know the laws that apply in his / her jurisdiction. It’s also recommended that you only visit reputable online casinos such as the trusted ones that we’ve listed here.

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