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The History Of Roulette

The game of roulette has been played since the early 17th century in France, where games of chance were popular. Roulette went through many early forms before it became the game we know of today. Roulette evolved to the form we are familiar with in 1796 in Paris, where the wealthy and the noble used it as a device to while away their days.

Before we dive into its rich history, we thought we’d let you know where you can play the best online roulette available anywhere on the internet today. One important consideration when we play roulette online is how smooth and realistic game play is. We want to be able to really hear the ball rolling around the wooded oak wheel, then finally coming to rest in one of the wheel’s 38 (37 if we’re in Europe) stops. We want to feel the felt, as it were. We’ve rounded up our own personal recommended sites where you can find some of the most exceptional roulette games around.

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Our recommended “hot list” of online casinos is an exclusive listing of the best of the best. These sites give players the safest environment where they can learn and practice roulette to their hearts content, and also where they can wager with confidence. These highly-respected, trustworthy online casinos offer free play, and large welcome bonuses for new players. As well, they offer weekly, daily and monthly promotions, and provided top-level customer service.

In regards to roulette history, a Canadian book of regulations has the earliest written mention of roulette from the mid-1700s, although it is not certain how the game was played at this point.

Starting around the 1800s, roulette spread like wildfire across Europe and to the United States. In Europe, it became one of the top games in the luxurious Monte Carlo casinos. There, roulette thrived and became part of the culture for wealthy Europeans on vacation.

In America, roulette spread throughout the young southern and frontier areas. It was played in make-shift barrooms and back alley casinos. Due to the lawless nature of the locales in which it was played, it changed the way that the game was played. Cheating was so rampant, the board was changed. The wheel was flatly set on a table so that all participants could see exactly what was occurring while play was in session. This was due to the propensity for players to cheat by manipulating the ball from beneath the table. This type of roulette table became very popular and has become the standard table played in most establishments.

During the 20th century, roulette has remained a hugely popular casino game. From Las Vegas to France, roulette has retained its mystique as a glamorous game for high rollers. However, technological advances have made it possible for a fan of gaming to play right from their own home. Websites such as Golden Palace and Ladbrokes offer roulette that is exactly like the casinos except that it is all digital. Players looking for safe, easy wagers on the spin of a wheel should look no further.

Roulette is one of the oldest parlor games in existence and it doesn’t look like it is going away any time soon. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a high roller, roulette should be your game of choice.

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