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Video Poker is a single player computerized version of 5-Card Draw. It can be played on or offline, and has been a favorite in smaller casinos as well as places like convenience stores and other locations, depending on local laws.

The great news is that you don’t have to find yourself in Vegas or Atlantic City to play video poker. There is a handful of absolutely top-notch and amazing online casinos that you can play the best video poker game possible, anytime and anywhere you want to!

Here is a listing of some of the best online casinos you owe it to yourself to check out:

Silver Oak

$777 Bonus

Silver Oak is an stylish online casino and is dedicated to fair and responsible gaming. Highly recommended

Lucky Red

$4000 Bonus

Lucky Red Casino offers a stylish gaming atmosphere without sacrificing security or customer support. Highly recommended

What makes a great online casino is more than the variety of video poker games available. Our recommended online casinos offer the best payouts, and welcome all new players with the heftiest bonuses that you’ll find anywhere on the web. In our opinion, you can’t do better than with these highly-trusted and respected online casinos. Playing online is a great way to play video poker, and our recommends offer fast, safe deposits and a variety of realistic games.

Gameplay in video poker is part 5-Card Draw and part slot machine. The player is dealt five cards, as usual and trades them out in the usual fashion. However, as there are no other players there is only a single bet (whatever the player originally decided to put into the machine). The pay-out system is similar to how slot machines pay out. For most video poker games, a pair of jacks or higher will payout, starting at a 1:1 basis and increasing as the strength of the hand does. Hands like four of a kind aces or a royal flush will provide extremely large jackpots.

Because there are no other players, some of the basic strategies for 5-Card Draw do not apply. There is no way to save a bad hand by bluffing, and there are no betting strategies. The overall return of investment is slightly higher for players who bet the maximum amount allowed per hand on a video poker game, but that is about as far as strategic betting goes in video poker.

Some games are currently offering the option to double down. In a double down, a player who has won a hand has the option to draw one card against the computer, high card wins. This is a double-or-nothing bet, and the player will receive a 1:1 return on his bet if they wins, but goes home with nothing if they lose.

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