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Update: Thunderstruck, blackjack, and many more are now available as an App! That’s right, iPhone and iPad users can now access the Internet’s #1 slot game, thanks to Microgaming and All Slots Casino.

If you’re at all a fan of online slots, you probably don’t need us to tell you about Thunderstruck. And even fewer people don’t know about Apple’s runaway success in the field of mobile devices. But we’re guessing that plenty of people will be happy to know that the two now go together!

Oh, and Android users, you’re not left out either. All Slots Casino will take care of pretty much anyone who wants to play real-money versions of Thunderstruck (or Mega Millions, or blackjack, or Tomb Raider slots, etc.) with the freedom and convenience of a mobile connection.

Update: just as the (digital) ink was drying on Jackpot City Mobile‘s announcement of a £44,000 mobile casino jackpot winner, a single mom named Cheryl T. scored an even bigger mobile casino win: £51,000!

The Treasure Nile Mobile Slots jackpot was won last week by Cheryl T., a single mother who says she “always simply played for fun.”

“I honestly had no idea that it was possible to win such a massive jackpot amount at a mobile casino,” she admits. “…now thanks to Jackpot City I can buy that new house I’ve had my eye on and take some time off my regular job as a beauty therapist to holiday with my 3 kids.”

For anyone who still assumes that mobile casinos can’t measure up to their ‘parent’ casinos, this news is an excellent reason to rethink your assumptions!

Best Mobile Casinos - Comparison Chart

RankLogo NameBonusSoftware PayoutsTrustedPlay NowReviewRating
1 Bodog Casino 10% RealTime 95%

The big new thing is getting smaller all the time. If you have an iPhone, a Blackberry, or any other smartphone or PDA, you can access the best mobile casino games — at any time, from anywhere.

We thought it was a big thing when casino gaming went online; the possibilities seemed endless and the convenience factor for players was incredible. Once the speed and security of wireless networks got to a point where we could play all the great online casino games from our laptops, we thought that was an amazing development. However, the latest mobile casino games have us even more impressed.

Anyone who has followed the last year’s mobile evolution can tell you that the playing field is now packed with fun, intuitive, and visually-stimulating devices and applications — not least of which is the new batch of online mobile casinos. With technologies such as Flash, Java, and Windows Mobile, the new crop of mobile devices can truly deliver impressive levels of looks, speed, and sophistication in their games. With fast and secure wireless networks nearly everywhere, a player can safely and quickly access the same kinds of online casino games at a mobile casino like Wild Jack Mobile Casino.

We used to have to include a disclaimer at this point, something like “maybe you won’t get the full online casino experience, but…”. Those days are over; mobile devices can provide the whole spectrum of mobile casino games — whether your taste runs to slots, blackjack, video poker, or any of the other classic or modern casino games that we know and love. As we’ve said, such games are right at home on a mobile device, as perfectly as if the match was meant to be.

Best Mobile Gambling Sites
Best Overall: Jackpot City Our top choice, with 16+ games and 5-figure jackpots!
Top Mobile Casino: 32 Red Casino best variety of mobile casino games including Thunderstruck
Top Mobile Slots: All Slots Casino iPhone compatible AND the brand new Mobile Mega Moolah!
Top Mobile Poker: Cake Poker Cereus Poker = Texas Hold’em you can hold in your hand!
Top Mobile Sports: live lines, news, and scores from a wide range of phones
Top Mobile Bingo: Foxy Bingo full-featured bingo, chat games, and everything!

Online casino operators are keenly interested in the mobile market, so the number of choices (and the quality of the results) is growing daily. In fact, we’re constantly getting news articles about the latest mobile casino games — if you doubt us, just check the front page of our site. We guarantee that you won’t have to dig too deep to find a news article about the latest mobile casino or the latest mobile casino games.

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