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Or does it? The recent shuffling of of ownership among the billionaire tycoon’s various family members was at the root of the conflict, and the deed — finalized and executed on March 8 — merely states that the disagreements have come to an end. It say nothing at all about who gets what, or whether any of January’s ‘confiscated’ shares will be returned to Stanley Ho’s keeping.

An unnamed source is quoted in Hong Kong’s The Standard as saying that Pansy and Daisy have in fact returned the shares in order to bring the family back into harmony, but this has not been officially verified.

The statement is hot on the heels of Stanley Ho’s Tuesday dismissal from Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital. The 89-year old Ho has indeed been suffering from a number of physical issues over the past few years, and it is likely that those who stand to inherit his vast fortune were becoming concerned at the seeming lack of a concrete plan for disbursement.

However, Ho’s position throughout this entire conflict has been that he wants his assets divided as equally as possible between family members. Yet with four wives and numerous children to consider (many of whom hold shares and top positions at Ho companies), one might expect something a bit more specific to be desired.

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