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While online gambling tends to juggle some compromise between games of pure chance and games of…slightly less pure chance, UK-based Amuso is hoping to score big with a completely different angle: trivia.

$1.5 million of venture capital has so far been raised to expand Amuso’s online presence through expansion and strategy in the UK and US. The company’s flagship Triva Star platform has inspired commercial partnerships with the likes of MySpace and MTV (as well as celebrated landfill contributors AOL), after doubling its growth each month since launching in September of 2007.

Trivia Star, a multiplayer, micropayment-based Flash game, now commands a lion’s share of the estimated $3 billion global market. Over 200,000 registered users already compete in the live, social gameplay that resembles a more directed version of online bingo’s chat games — and anyone paying attention to online bingo’s growth and appeal can see why major concerns are taking note.

Barak Rabinowitz, CEO and founder of Amuso: “Cash trivia a new gaming vertical likened to the early days of online bingo or poker. Amuso’s Trivia Star enables social networks, publishers, even micro-bloggers an attractive new way to monetise their online and mobile audiences, having previously relied heavily on online advertising.”

With the three biggest sectors of entertainment being TV quiz shows, online gambling, and casual gaming, it is easy to see why so many industry eyebrows are simultaneously rising. Given the vast segment of the online community spending time on social networking and communications, Amuso’s trivia network could very well be poised to become a new paradigm.

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