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Government assistance or bankruptcy is reason enough to ban over 28,000 Singaporeans from the casinos scheduled to open at the Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World at Sentosa.

Should the Sands Corporation or Malaysia’s Genting Group fail to enforce the rule, fines of up to one million Singapore dollars (approximately $725k US) could be levied against the businesses.

Persons who feel themselves to be at risk of problem gambling may ban themselves; in fact, since the ban took effect, 56 people have added themselves to the list. Interestingly, family members can also add individuals (19 names, so far). A website has been set up to display the list; individuals are being encouraged to verify before heading to the casinos.

Permanent residents of Singapore lucky enough to be allowed into the casino will need to pay 100 Singapore dollars first. No word on whether this is a one-time fee or cost per visit.

Basically, it would seem that Singapore is looking for the benefits of increased tourism (i.e., money), but doing all they can to discourage locals from gambling. This also raises a unique possibility for revenge pranks between feuding family members…though it will be the casino that ultimately pays the price.

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