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Mobile poker is one of the top application downloads for the Blackberry, and it comes as no surprise there are many choices available.

As you may know, the BlackBerry is one of a growing number of portable devices (variously called PDAs or smartphones) that offer, in addition to now-typical cell phone functions such as digital cameras and audio playback, flexible access to wireless networks. This means, among other things, that the BlackBerry can surf the internet with increasing flexibility. The strategy of the companies that make PDAs and smartphones is to tip the market away from more powerful full-size laptops, offering instead the convenience and portability of more compact devices.

If you have a BlackBerry (or similar device), you may already know that many websites are furiously competing for your business, offering slick and user-friendly pages that BlackBerry users can navigate with ease. Currently, it is up in the air whether it is the slick iPhone or the popular BlackBerry that really rules the marketplace, but businesses on internet are taking no chances and developing a strategy to attract both, and other smartphone platforms as well.

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Online casinos are no different, and the best online casinos are already tailoring many of their services to BlackBerry users. After all, the poker and other casino games that they offer are the perfect application to play on a small, portable screen; derived from the time-tested casino classics, such games are already refined and streamlined to the point that the Blackberry’s capabilities do just as much justice to poker as would any laptop or personal computer.

It is well worth browsing our recommended online poker rooms to check whether BlackBerry compatibility is among their many features.

While the BlackBerry may not be perfect for the computer games that rely on complicated strategy or advanced graphics, games like poker are an excellent way to show off what the BlackBerry does best. Its crisp display and flexible controls are more than sufficient to show the details of a hand of poker, to make bets, to monitor the bank…and to chat with your opponents and friends in the process. One can easily use the user-friendly interface to access the many poker sites that offer strategy, rules, tips, and even free games. In fact, compared to a full-size PC or laptop, there is very little (aside from the sheer size) that you’d really miss.

Still relatively new to the playing field, PDA-based poker is already a huge hit. Bodog made a splash at the end of 2008 when they made their popular online poker game available for both the BlackBerry and the iPhone, and every one else redoubled their own strategy to get a competing product on the market as soon as possible. With new smartphone technologies and advances in mobile programming constantly happening at a lightning pace, PDA and poker enthusiasts should keep checking with the best online poker rooms on a regular basis for the latest updates.

Of course, even if you are a die-hard BlackBerry or other smartphone user, you most likely still have a full-size or laptop computer as your base of operations. If you are a poker fan as well, very little of this may come as real news…you already know the best online poker rooms to visit for rules, tips, strategy, and the best games. Hopefully, however, we can reach the people who are still unaware that their BlackBerry investment may provide them with poker payoffs!

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