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The art of the bluff is a fundamental part of poker and it is a key tool in your poker arsenal. A well-timed bluff can put a player on tilt because they can’t decide where a player is lying or not and they too are scared to risk their stacks.

The key when it comes to bluffing is to fully understand the rules of game so that you can maximize your opportunities to bluff at a hand. By knowing the nuances of the game, you can learn when the appropriate time to run a bluff is and fool players that believe they have you pegged as a particular type of player.

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The second thing to know about the art of bluffing is that running too many bluffs can lead to a player’s demise. If a player repeatedly bluffs at pots and gets called down, players will have very little respect for the hands they are playing and they will use this information to intimidate a bluffing player by re-raising them. Holding nothing, the bluffing player is forced to fold and their playing strategy becomes more transparent by the hand.

If you are going to run a bluff, be fearless while doing it. Don’t give the slightest sign that you are holding a weak hand or good players will sniff out your bluff a mile away. This includes tells such as body positioning, a cracking voice or shaky hands while making a bet. A good bluffer will remain calm under the pressure which tends to intimidate players (over the long run) more than the actual bluff attempt itself.

The final thing to remember about the art of bluffing is that you can’t be afraid to get caught. Every once in a while when you run a bluff, you are going to get caught. The best advice here is not to dwell on the hand and continue moving forward with your game.

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