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Actor Jason Alexander is truly an innovative spirit, especially when he is at the poker table. Having been on the immensely popular hit TV show Seinfeld, Alexander is very comfortable at the poker table as he has learned to take his considerable acting talents and apply them to the game.

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Having won a Tony award for his performance in Jerome Robbins’ Broadway, Alexander has proven he has the chops to handle serious pressure so it should not be surprising that he has thrived in pokers competitive environment.

According to Alexander, he became a poker aficionado while trying to get acting jobs early in his career. “Every actor will eventually learn to play poker because it’s the crew game,” he explains. “Say you’re a Shakespearean actor, and you’re in Act 1, Scene 2, and you don’t go back on stage until Act 5, Scene 1 – you’ve got to kill that time, and more often than not, we played poker. Everyone starts out with 7-card Stud, and then you learn your variations. It’s just a really great game and I find myself addicted to playing. I’ve even played when there was no money on the table. I learned the game in high school, so it’s been thirtysomething years that I’ve been playing,” said Alexander in 2007 Bluff Magazine article.

Citing  his chameleon-like ability to change his styles depending on each situation he encounters, Alexander thoroughly enjoys the “acting” aspect of the game. “Nothing is more enticing to me about this game than sitting down and watching six, seven, or eight egos go into their different personas on how they play, what pot they’ll play, or even when they’ll play. To me, it’s the world’s greatest ongoing drama,” said Alexander.

Although he hasn’t had any big cashes in tournament poker to date, Alexander signed a deal with PokerStars to represent the site as one of their sponsored players and he is having a successful 2009 WSOP having gone deep in the Main Event.

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