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This buxom Baywatch star has a penchant for the wild side and her love of the game comes as no surprise. Always one to capitalize on her persona and image, Anderson got heavily involved with the game when she launched in 2006.

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Unfortunately for Anderson, the Unlawful Internet Gaming Act went into effect and she couldn’t find an audience for the poker site and it was shuttered in November of 2006. Despite having to leave the online game, Anderson stayed in the poker spotlight for a moment when she started dating Paris Hilton’s ex, former porn producer Rick Solomon. Apparently Anderson met Solomon while playing poker and she paid him off with sexual favors (to make up for the money she lost) and the two fell in love (at least for the moment). Eventually the two got married, but they later got the marriage annulled. The former poker diva hasn’t been on the tournament trail since.

Despite her brief foray into online poker, this nubile actress has apparently returned to her former profession as a celebrity, but one would hope that she still uses her talents to drag a pot here or there.

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