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Draw Poker is a poker variant where players are dealt cards, and then discard as many of the cards dealt as they choose after each round of betting. They are then dealt an equal number of replacement cards. 5-Card Draw is the most common type of draw poker, but 7-Card Draw is also popular. Variants featuring wild cards and low-card games are also common. Read our page on the rules of Draw Poker for more information.

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Draw Poker is typically played as a no-limit game, although fixed and pot limits are regular, as well.

While having been eclipsed by Texas Hold ‘Em in recent years, 5-Card Draw is one of the most recognizable poker games. As closely associated with families sitting around a crowded table after Thanksgiving dinner as it is with bar-room toughs betting the farm, Draw Poker is one of the enduring images of poker.

The number of Draw Poker games being offered in casinos has dropped dramatically in the past decade as Hold ‘Em takes over, but Draw Poker is being played online at websites like Full Tilt Poker and Golden Palace. Whether you grew up with Draw Poker, or you’re just learning how to play this old favorite, playing online is a great way to enjoy Draw Poker.

Draw Poker Strategies

Draw Poker Strategy has been refined over the years. It is a game of guts and good instinct. To win at Draw Poker, you need to understand your opponents and know when to back down against a superior hand. For more information, please visit our guide to the Strategy of Draw Poker.

Where Can I Play Draw Poker?

There are lots of great places to play Draw Poker online. PokerStars has very active play-money tables, and Bodog offers some of the best casual low-stakes games for a new player. Wherever you decide to play, always remember to take the time to learn the game and get comfortable with the structure of betting and game strategies.

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