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We don’t need to tell you what a great game poker is, but we may need to tell you that it doesn’t need to be so hard to find a free game of poker when you want one. Welcome to the online century! Free poker games are never more than a click or two away.

Poker has enjoyed a huge surge in popularity over recent years, as have the capabilities of our technology. Just as more people than ever are searching for a good game of poker, more people than ever have access to fast, reliable, and safe internet connections…and, thanks to the wireless revolution, these connections are available almost anywhere, often for free (and not just to full-size computers anymore, either!).

Our personal recommendation is to investigate the online poker rooms for the best free poker games that you could possibly hope to find.

Sun Poker

$500 Bonus

Sun Poker offers tables at all experience levels and limits for any and every player. Highly recommended A++

Mansion Poker

$500 Match Bonus

Mansion poker offers great promotions and has an outstanding number of players. Highly recommended

Pacific Poker

$400 Match Bonus

Pacific Poker is a fast and reliable online casino with prompt payouts. Highly recommended

Certainly, there are numerous other ways to find a game of poker…

You could get one started with your friends and co-workers…and once you have everybody’s schedule worked out and all the various spouses and commitments sorted, you’re probably looking at a week or two down the road, or some night closer to the end of the next decade. A great option for fun and camaraderie, but not very convenient. And definitely not free…

You could go to a casino to play poker…but again, unless you have a casino nearby, we’re talking about a trip that may or may not happen while you’re still young. And also again, not free. The exact opposite of free, actually, once all the expenses (necessary and accidental) are totaled up…

Okay, you could buy one of those poker games…wait, I just said “buy”. So obviously not free…

Well, thankfully you’ve got an internet connection (or you wouldn’t be here). We all know that the internet is full of free stuff. So you could search the web, which will probably lead you to a pirate site (unsafe! unsafe!) or to one of those huge shareware sites (amateur hour, and often unsafe as well). You could use the poker that came with your computer (ugh, may as well play poker on your old Atari)…

Obviously, you haven’t been paying attention. The poker experts got together with the internet experts a while ago, and came up with online poker rooms. These proved to be such a big hit that they were able to offer their online poker games for free. High-quality poker, huge customer base, and totally free. There is no better way to play free poker, whenever and wherever you want.

Now, when we say “free”, we don’t mean “kinda free”. We just mean that you can play all the poker you want for free, and only bet real money when you feel ready. And if that wasn’t enough, the best online poker rooms all regularly offer free entry into real tournaments…so you could end up playing for free and still coming away with a bunch of money. And you thought nothing was better than free!

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