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When you want to get good, you naturally want to learn the secrets. This applies to holdem poker as well as anything else. On the other hand, there really are very few secrets; often when you look for “secrets”, what you really want are “shortcuts”, and there just aren’t many of those. Very little in life comes for free. You learn the rules first, and then you learn from experience, and that is where skill comes from. Anyone who tells you different is probably trying to sell you something…

One of the few things in life that does come for free is the free poker offered by the best online poker rooms. This is real poker, hold ’em included, and you get to play and practice all you like for free. Not only that, each of these sites has a wealth of experience to bring your skills up to the level you need.

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So there are no real secrets, but there are lessons to be learned. Sometime people need to learn them the hard way, and sometimes people just need to hear them said out loud once to remember them the rest of their life.

Put Yourself in the Position to Win: The difference between good players and great players is that great players repeatedly put themselves in a position to win whereas good players can be a “one hit wonder”…someone who may win one tournament at best, but then disappear from the map. You have to be there to win. In other words, you have to keep putting yourself in a position to win by making the right decisions over and over. Although you won’t win them all, by playing solid poker, you will find that you will be a winner more often than not.

The Game Of Poker Never Stops: Try to think of the game as one long session. You’ll have your ups and downs throughout the course of this session, so don’t tilt when things don’t go your way. If you stop worrying about the monetary value of your chips and just make yourself play good poker, you will be unafraid to make the tough decisions.

Do the Best You Can with What You’ve Got: A valuable lesson for holdem poker, and life in general. Sometimes the best you can do is fold. Sometimes the best that you can do is bluff. Neither one of these choices is a cheat or a failure. The cards are all about luck; what you do with them is all about skill. Never, ever, confuse one with the other. You can lose with Aces and you can win with nothing at all!

We could tell you these things over and over but you won’t let them sink in unless you get in a few rounds of practice. So head on over to our friends at the best online poker rooms and start learning your own secrets of holdem poker.

One last thing before we go…good cards will only get you so far. Pay attention, have fun, and make every game the game where it all comes together!

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