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Hold’em tournaments are by far the most popular of the poker formats. Featuring No Limit, Limit and Pot Limit, Hold’em offers players a variety of action based around the specifics of each game which offers players the ability to determine just how much action they want.

For most players, they enter the game playing limit poker. This form of Hold’em requires the least amount of gamble out of the three and it enables players experiment with different playing styles without risking their entire bankroll. It is impossible to lose your bankroll in a couple of hands the way you can in Pot Limit or No Limit, so poker newbies can feel good about the fact that they aren’t going to go broke right away.

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The second type of Hold’em that players enjoy is called Pot Limit because the most a player can bet during a round of betting is the size of the pot. Although there is a limit on how much can be bet, unlike Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit can get tricky (and expensive) if you stay in every hand and don’t get away from weak cards.

Good Pot Limit players know when to push and when to save their chips, a lesson that many bad Pot Limit players fail to learn. It’s almost as though the moment the pot starts to build, bad players want to get it all in with a weak hand because they think there is no way that a player will call them down. Again, this is another characteristic of a bad Pot Limit player.

If you think that free poker doesn’t mean free tournaments, you haven’t been around long enough. All of our recommended online poker rooms feature freerolls, or free entry into real tournaments with real winnings. These fill up fast, so don’t lose your chance!

The third and most risky of the three types of Hold’em is No Limit. This enables a player to bet their whole stack during any round of betting in a hand. Easily the most television-friendly format of poker because of the intense action, No Limit Hold’em is not for the faint of the heart as the game can make you a prince one moment and a pauper the next.

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