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If you’re a slots player, three in a row is good luck…but in this case, the rule of three applies to poker as well!

First, poker started to get even more popular than ever. Second, computer technology developed to the point where online poker rooms became safe, fun, and the most convenient way for most people to experience poker.And finally, wireless and smartphone technology advanced to the point where you could get to these online poker rooms with a compact and elegant device…one specific example of which is well-known as the iPhone.

That point was first reached in december of 2008, when the popular online poker website known as Bodog released their iPhone application. They weren’t the last, by a long shot — once the online poker sites realized how perfect the pairing could be, each of the best online poker sites worked day and night to get their sites to interface with PDAs and smartphones.

Sun Poker

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Mansion Poker

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Pacific Poker

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Computer users have known for at least a few years now that the best way to play poker was at the online websites. There have always been poker games for computers, back to the dawn of the silicon age, but right up to the 21st Century, most of the software versions have been disappointing at best and unnecessarily complicated as a rule. The frontier nature of the internet back then didn’t help much either, and many people who would have been happy to connect online and pursue their poker passion instead decided to fold until the next hand was dealt.

Once the savvy techies got the security problem licked and the software looking lovely on our home computers, they turned their attention to smaller packages. PDAs and smartphones became the holy grail, but a series of lackluster mobile devices made it seem like a prize that would forever out of reach.

Finally, the iPhone (and BlackBerry, and a few other runner-up devices) appeared to usher in a new age of sophistication in mobile technology. We poker fans who had been pretty happy with the full-size PCs were suddenly blown away by the new freedom and convenience. Sure, we could drag the laptop around and play poker for an hour or two before the battery dried up, but the new devices meant poker could go with us anywhere, anytime, and keep us connected to our poker buddies in Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Swaziland…or wherever.

iPhone users, feel free to browse any of our recommended poker websites to see if the device is supported…not all sites work perfectly yet, but more are coming along every day.

Of course, you’ll probably need to download the necessary app to your iPhone before playing…as good as these sites are, there’s still very few sites (of any kind) that the iPhone can see perfectly right out of the box. The time is growing closer, however…

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