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There are many fun and interesting varieties of poker, but one of the most fascinating games is called Lowball.

The rules are fairly simple: the objective of the game is the same as traditional poker in that you are striving to win a pot — but unlike other poker games in which players are striving to get the highest hand, Lowball players are trying to score the lowest hand possible.

Although this game is new to many players, it is a great way to generate interest and ‘change things up’ for your regular poker night. For our many online poker players, you can be sure that Lowball is offered at some of the best online poker rooms.

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Lowball is more of a rule change than a distinct single variety of poker, and there are both draw and stud versions. You’ll usually only find one particular kind offered at any given online poker room. Some of the Lowball games go by the names Triple-Draw and Razz.

An example of a Lowball game: five cards are dealt to each player face down. then there is a round of betting. Players can either fold or open by making a bet. After all players have acted, players can either cancel (trade in cards) or hold cards from their hand. Canceled cards are then replaced by cards from the deck and a final round of betting occurs.

Lowball features two different blinds that are traditionally decided upon by the players. Depending on where you are playing the games, the variations in blind amounts changes to suit those seeing the action. Some betting structures allow the big blind to be called while other structures require the minimum open to be double the big blind.

As with other poker games, the cards play at the end of the hand. In other words, you are not allowed to claim as though you have a better hand and not show your cards. If a player refuses to show their cards at showdown, their hand is disqualified and you may want to consider ejecting this player from the game as it appears as they will not respect the legitimacy of the game.

No matter how much you love Texas Hold’em (or whatever your game of choice), the free online poker sites offer a perfect way to acquaint yourself with all the fun and exciting variations on our game. Anytime you feel a little bored or restless or experimental, the recommended poker sites here will have a little something to shake your game up.

Although Lowball poker is primarily played on the West Coast, games can be found in other venues around the world and it makes for an exciting change of pace for traditional poker enthusiasts.

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