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Back in the day, a poker game was limited to a casino or other “real” room that required players to be in the same place at the same time. All of that changed when the Internet allowed computer-users to be free to visit the best online poker rooms anytime to find other players of the desired skill level and bankroll.

But technology stands still for no man, and the situation just keeps getting better for poker fans. The increase in wireless network coverage and compact processor power has allowed products like Windows Mobile, the iPhone, the BlackBerry and other high-performance smartphones and PDAs to give us high-quality online poker virtually anywhere.

Take a look at any of our recommended best online poker rooms and you will soon see that the options for mobile poker are growing daily.

Sun Poker

$500 Bonus

Sun Poker offers tables at all experience levels and limits for any and every player. Highly recommended A++

Mansion Poker

$500 Match Bonus

Mansion poker offers great promotions and has an outstanding number of players. Highly recommended

Pacific Poker

$400 Match Bonus

Pacific Poker is a fast and reliable online casino with prompt payouts. Highly recommended

Bodog made news in December of 2008 with a downloadable application for both the iPhone and Blackberry devices that enabled full online poker access between any combination of platforms. You could be playing from your iPhone against a poker player in Russia on a Mac, one in Peru on a Windows PC, and another in the Sahara on a Blackberry Storm. The possibilities went from staggering to almost unlimited.

Of course, none of the other online poker casinos were willing to concede defeat, so mobile-equipped version of just about every major poker site began to pop up with increasing regularity. All poker fans are taken care of, whether you are a member of one of those sites who has just begun to explore the possibilities of your new mobile device, or a confirmed mobile user who want to add the fun and potential profit of the best online poker experience to your bag of tricks.

Honestly, there are few things that you can do on an online poker site that you cannot do on a state-of-the-art mobile platform. With constant advances in the Windows Mobile capabilities and other companies’ proprietary platforms, there will soon be no reason why you cannot go anywhere, anytime, and access your favorite online poker site for a rousing game just the way you like it!

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