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The recent surge in interest in tournament poker has piqued a lot of people’s curiosity about no limit hold’em poker.

Unfortunately, there is very little information available about the details and differences that one will experience in the particular variety of poker. The best option for most people will be to browse the online poker room and find a free or low-minimum game of no limit holdem, and play conservatively until you learn the ins and outs which make it a unique experience compared to the other, more familiar, varieties of poker.

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Some people are stymied about the “no limit” part. Go back to your basics: no limit means that the chips are now a much more significant part of your strategy. Use them to bully, use the to bluff. Use your opponents chips to determine where they stand and what they stand to lose. Watch each bet that is made, and be ready for sudden upsets all the time. Playing no limit means that the room changes drastically with every single hand.

Just remember that the raise sets the minimum each time. The minimum is whatever the big blind is, all the way up to all-in. If you want to re-raise, you gotta be able to match the big blind.

Some people are just having trouble with the “hold’em” part. Still stuck on 7 card stud, probably, and in plenty of good company. Time to go back to school and re-learn what it means to share cards with everyone else; this has a number of obvious and subtle effects on a strategy, and is far more extensive than can be dealt with here.

However, one of the most important things to remember is the kicker. Because you’re sharing, you may have just about the same thing as the next guy; if you can’t bluff him down, you’ll have to best him one way or the other, and that means a kicker.

Lost yet? Or born-again found? either way, take this interest to one of our recommended sites above, where strategy, tips, rules, and hints can be found from the masters and losers alike. Plus, you get top play a great free or wagering game with other people who may be just as lost or found as yourself.

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