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Playing No Limit Hold’em online can be a crazy ride — you have to be on your game if you want to survive.

The action moves quickly; you see a higher number of hands because there is no dealer shuffling the cards between hands. This allows for the concept of variance to play a bigger role in the game. The possibility of defying traditional odds increase due to the sheer number of hands played.

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When you are playing No Limit Hold’em online, keep this in mind: just because you’re not physically moving chips into the middle, it doesn’t mean that they have no value — that there are no consequences to call hands. This may seem like a basic concept, but when you can’t physically touch the chips in front of you, it makes it a lot easier to donk off your chips because you get caught up in playing the game. This is a dangerous concept and it is best to try to pay attention to it before you lose your bankroll.

A second concept to consider is the belief that you should aggressively play big pocket pairs, as you are a favorite before the flop. One word of caution here: good online players will often call a hand simply to protect their blinds, or their position in a hand. Even though you start out the hand as the stronger player, once the flop hits, you are vulnerable to your opponents — and at this point, you have to adjust your play accordingly.

A third thing to consider when playing No Limit Hold’em online is the structure of the tournament or ring game you are playing in. Although this is much less of a factor in ring games as they don’t have time limits and level increases, tournament poker requires players to focus on the value of their chips at all times as their play is directly affected by the increasing levels.

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