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No Limit Texas Hold’em has become the reigning champ among poker varieties, thanks in no small part to media coverage and the rise of online poker rooms. Texas Holdem poker rules can confuse players used to other poker rules, and playing No Limit Texas Holdem adds another dimension to the poker rules as well.

One of the first things we recommend for anyone interested in learning or mastering No Limit Texas Hold em is to get high-quality free Texas Hold em software. Many commercial packages exist, but the high cost and limited long-term usefulness makes an online free Texas Hold em a much better choice. As you will (sooner or later) play No Limit Texas Hold’em against real players for real money, the best option is to practice with a Texas Holdem game that can grow as your skills and needs grow.

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The huge surge of interest in Texas Hold’em either caused or was caused by the rise of the online poker rooms, so it’s only natural to turn to them for the No Limit Texas Holdem software. As all of the best online poker websites offer free Texas Hold em games, this give you the perfect tool to learn No Limit Texas Holdem poker rules in the same setting that you’ll use when you’re ready to play for real.

If you are new to the game, start slowly and learn the basic poker rules. Take a look at our poker hands section to familiarize yourself with the value of each hand.

Then it is time to learn the poker rules that apply specifically to Texas Holdem. Visit our Texas Holdem Rules page for more detail on the poker rules.

There are only two major differences between an online game of Texas Hold em and a “land-based” game. For one thing, in an online Texas Holdem game, you cannot see the players to pick up on the subtle (or obvious) clues — but the same is true for your opponents, so that may give the inexperienced player (or the passionate player) some advantage. The only other major difference is that you will probably never find a free Texas Hold em game in the “real” world, whereas the best online poker rooms all offer them…in fact, the best online poker rooms even offer “freeroll” tournaments, where you can play for real money without paying a cent!

No Limit Texas Hold’em takes the action to another level by removing any limitations on the size of the bet. This makes for a fast-moving, potentially aggressive game with a lot of extra drama. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the poker rules and the specific Texas Holdem rules, take some time with the free Texas Hold em games and see for yourself the drastic change that playing No Limit Texas Holdem makes. When you feel ready to play for real, take advantage of the flexible minimums in online poker rooms and start by risking small change instead of big bills. No Limit Texas Hold’em is exciting because the amounts rise quickly, but with a low minimum you can get your skills up to speed without putting more than a pocketful of pennies on the line!

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