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Despite the immense popularity of online poker, there is still a big demand for live action around the globe and this has kept poker chips on the list of highly sought after gifts. Thanks to the cheap cost of getting a game started and televised poker’s increasing popularity, there more players are seeing action than ever before and this has created a competitive marketplace that benefits the consumer.

2000 World Series of Poker WSOP 10 Gram All Clay Poker Chips

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300 Poker Pro Series 10 Gram All Clay Poker Chips

Click to Buy: 300 Poker Pro Series 10 Gram All Clay Poker Chips

Whether you are looking for a very expensive set of custom designed clay chips that typically runs for $300 a set or a cheaper set that you can buy at your local store, there are chip types designed to meet various budgets. However, before buying locally, make sure to check the prices of chips online as there are a number of sites that offer competitive deals.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing chips is that you will be playing with them for a long time, so it is important to have something you like. In other words, if you go to a casino and fall in love with the weight of their clay chips, don’t go down to your local drug store and buy a $20 set of plastic chips that feel nothing like the ones you experienced. Although they may cost more, many players prefer clay chips because it is the same tactile experience as when you are playing at a legal gambling venue.

Sun Poker

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Mansion Poker

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Pacific Poker

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Although serious players may want higher end chips, if you’re looking for a quick fix to pass the time, there are plenty of cheap sets that cost as little as $20 that can be found at most sporting goods stores or local pharmacies. Although they are made of plastic, they are great for traveling with the family or playing in less than ideal climates.

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