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When you’re trying to put together a decent poker room, the cost of equipment really starts to add up. I knew about the cards and chips, of course, but nobody would have wanted to sit at the flimsy old table and rickety chairs that I was using as my furniture. I took a look around at the discount and wholesale supply options, but even then I was starting to see major costs for what was supposed to be a hobby.

Coincidentally, I was still searching for poker equipment to supply my poker room when I first stumbled upon the online poker room option. Before that, I had not really given online poker much thought; I’d assumed that the software would be unrealistic and unsatisfying, and the money issue would be too much of a hassle.

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The more I looked at the online poker choices, however, the more curious I became.

For one thing, the poker software that these online poker sites were featuring was impressive. The software designers supply the online poker rooms with the fastest, most reliable, and best-looking games. The options were amazing, too; I’m a Texas Hold’em player, myself, and the listing of tournaments and ring games was pages long with almost every bankroll and variation I could imagine.

Honestly, I was still afraid it might be a scam of some kind, but I discovered that all of the best online poker sites have free versions of their games. Some don’t even require a download, I just played them right online at the online casino’s website. Talk about a discount! I’d always been concerned about a few little weaknesses in my game, but having a constant supply of free hands of poker, by myself or against real players, I ironed out those weaknesses in no time.

Speaking of which, the players were great. There was a never-ending supply of poker-lovers from all corners of the globe, and a lot of them had been playing for much longer than I had — so I learned some extremely important tips without paying a cent! I guess you could say that I got wholesale assistance before I was comfortable enough to make my first bet.

That first bet was a little silly, but only because I chose the smallest minimum that I could find, and it turned out to be ridiculously small…we’re talking about pennies. It was nice to know that I didn’t have to supply a huge bankroll to get into a real cash poker game, but I think I’ll be bringing a little bit more to the table next time…because I won big on those penny bets, and I couldn’t help thinking how much I would have brought home had I upped my minimum to just a dollar or two.

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Well, live and learn. I did end up getting a poker table, a few discount chairs, and some other equipment from a wholesale poker supply warehouse…and I paid for it with my tournament winnings. Funny thing about that tournament: I didn’t even have to pay to get in. It was called a “freeroll” and I would have lost nothing if I’d felted, but as it happened I came in third and the prize was enough to get my poker room equipment. Not that i use it all that much…except to sit my laptop on when I’m playing online poker.

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