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Anyone who has been a member of a poker club knows what a great experience it can be. In addition to the thrill of the game itself, the poker club provides the friendship, rivalry, and sense of community that one can never find in a casino or public tournament.

But is that even true? The last decade or so has seem many of our friendships, relationships, even families move into the online world. By no coincidence, the rise of the Internet has also coincided with a surge of interest in poker, and it’s only natural that the concept of the poker club moves into the 21st Century as well.

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The usual advantages of online communication apply just as well to poker clubs:

  • Distance is much less of an issue, so changing cities or traveling no longer has to mean that you lose a player or break up the poker club.
  • Scheduling is less of an issue, as “anytime” really means “anytime” when you don’t have to get ready, drive anywhere, hire babysitters, et cetera
  • Finding compatible people is many times easier when the pool of possible poker buddies is now in the millions, or billions
  • Finding a place to play is not an issue…and you never even have to worry about having enough chairs!

A poker club is a great way to connect, for many reasons. The classic poker club usually suggests a group of cigar-smoking old buddies who meet every so often, but an online poker club can have many other forms and uses. You can start a poker club as an alternative to team sports, to build morale and community in an office or organization for whom softball (for example) might not be a likely option. You can start a poker club specifically for fellow housewives or working women as an alternative to book clubs or garden clubs. A retiree poker club can bring over-65 people together, and an online poker club is ideal for groups of people with physical disabilities or restricted movement for any reason.

No doubt there are many ways to set up a poker club online, but probably the easiest is to visit one of the high-quality online poker sites and use their software. They’ve done most of the work already; these sites offer great-looking and easy-to-use poker software that already has the chat system built in, so communication is never a problem. And the sophistication of the chat system has groups and directories in mind already, so starting a poker club takes no extra computer skills or software. All that’s left to do is choose your poker club’s name (anything except “The Orchids and Gumbo Poker Club” — Lizzie McGuire beat you to that one, I’m afraid) and get your members together!

Now don’t worry about online security or safety — these online poker sites were designed to handle money, so they get the same high-tech security as banks and big-ticket auction sites. Nor do you have to worry about membership fees or subscription costs, as they make their money from the money that you decide to play with (you get the same great poker game whether you play for free, play for pennies, or play for cold hard cash!). So if you’re mourning the loss of an old poker club, wishing you could join one, or wanting to start one, the online poker sites that we recommend have the answer. You could have a poker club in a matter of minutes!

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