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When you need help with poker, where do you go? It’s a simple question, but the answers aren’t always what you would think.

First, let’s narrow it down to free poker help, because we’re not about to sell you any books or instructional DVDs when so much free poker help is available online (and since you’re reading this, we assume you can take advantage of the online options!).

Of course, we are going to recommend ourselves first. has many free poker help pages, from understanding basic poker hands to more detailed articles (such as holdem poker help and help with poker strategy). We won’t pretend that all you ever need to know is on thee pages, but you can certainly get your game up and running with our free poker help before you even need to look for another website to help with poker skills of a more advanced level.

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Many free poker help sites exist on the Internet, but several of them are merely teaser pages, full of unconnected “tips” and jargon, with the sole goal of getting you to buy some so-called expert’s instructional video or book. Some sites are (or are merely copied from) online encyclopedias, which can give you both good and bad information depending on who the last contributor or editor was. And some online sources are poker forums, which tend to be long rambling discussions, often extremely disorganized, and full of distracted personalities with their own agendas.

Personally, we recommend the major online poker rooms. They all have websites that were created by and sponsor the best poker players in the game today. Whether from altruism or a marketing strategy, all of these sites put up pages and even entire sections full of free poker help and strategy. These need to be as professional and attractive as possible to get your business, so you can be sure that all of their information is not only correct but arranged in the most user-friendly way possible.

Many people have had great luck with Full Tilt Poker help, for example. Their section on holdem poker help is particularly useful, but nearly any one of our recommended choices offers exceptional hold em poker help (as well as help with poker variations of all kinds, and of course general help with poker basics). In particular, Doyle’s Room and PokerStars have a number of very experienced poker celebrities who offer their thoughts, tips, and assistance…both on the site, and in the game itself (if you happen to catch them playing, which happens fairly often!).

Which brings up the most important point of all: play and learn. Reading rules and examining strategy will go a long way towards getting those fundamentals intio yuoru head, but it will become second-mature only if you take it to the tables. The best help with poker that you can get is by playing poker against actual human opponents, and the best free poker help that you can find is by playing free poker online at one of our recommended poker rooms.

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