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Poker has a number of players who have plenty of gamble, but few of them do it with the style of professional Danish player Gus Hansen. This member of Team Full Tilt is a self-professed professional gambler with a zest for life that sees him traveling the world as he plays the biggest stakes poker has to offer.

Currently residing in Monaco, Hansen has become one of poker’s more popular players thanks to his uncanny ability to take hands that are unplayable for most a players and turn them into monster winners. Having played professional backgammon before playing poker, Hansen has a knack for busting players who are taken by complete surprise thanks to his penchant for nailing sick hands.

Although he is constantly playing the highest cash game limits available at land-based venues or online, Hansen has made a name for himself as a fearless tournament player. He has won four  World Poker Tour titles (Jan. 2009 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, 2003 World Poker Tour Bad Boys of Poker, 2003 L.A. Poker Classic,  2002 Five Diamkond World Poker Classic) and made seven final tables.

In 2007 Hansen won the Aussie Millions Main Event and he has final-tabled a European Poker Tour tournament. Despite having success mainly in World Poker Tour tournaments, Hansen has collected over $7.4 million in tournament earnings.

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Arugably one of the most difficult players to get a read on, Hansen continues to defy the odds by playing his unconventional style. Despite treading ground that few players are willing to step on, Hansen continues to find ways in which to defy his detractors.

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