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There are a number of online players that have taken the poker world by storm, but few have had the impact of garnered the publicity that Tom “Durrr” Dwan has of the course of his short career. Having started playing with a $50 bank roll, the immensely talented Dwan soon found himself moving up in limits. He now plays the highest limits available both in live action and online.

Often playing the likes of Phil Ivey, David Benyamine, Gus Hansen and Patrik Antonius, Dwan has no issues making plays that often have pots bigger than the incomes of most families. Dwan is so confident in his game that he has issued two challenges to players from around the globe. The first challenge is a 3-1 bet on $500,000 (as long as players play 50,000 hands of four tables worth of No Limit Hold’em of Pot Limit).

Although several players expressed interest in the proposition, it was Finland’s Patrik Antonius that took Durrr up on his challenge. The match is still underway.

Durrr recently offered a second challenge, offering to play four players heads up for $500,000 per match. These matches will take place in London and they are being called the Durrr Million Dollar Challenge.

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Don’t think just because Dwan plays mostly cash games that his tournament play is weak as he has repeatedly proven he can go deep in tournaments. Dwan has over $1 million in career tournament earnings. If you want to watch Durrr in action or in case you are crazy enough to want to sit and play with this cash game machine, go to Full Tilt Poker.

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