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Picking the right poker room is probably your first step to success. Picking the wrong room can be disastrous to your health, your wealth, and your state of mind.

The first tip, and probably the most important tip that I can give you, is to check out the online poker rooms. There are many reasons for this, but believe me when I tell you that you won’t be able to easily find a safer, less costly, and more experience-drenched environment for poker anywhere. Any of these choices come highly recommended:

Sun Poker

$500 Bonus

Sun Poker offers tables at all experience levels and limits for any and every player. Highly recommended A++

Mansion Poker

$500 Match Bonus

Mansion poker offers great promotions and has an outstanding number of players. Highly recommended

Pacific Poker

$400 Match Bonus

Pacific Poker is a fast and reliable online casino with prompt payouts. Highly recommended

Is It Safe?: Don’t underestimate the importance of this one. Having a safe playing environment is crucial. Private games frequently have problems with either the law or more nefarious types that are looking for an easy target. Playing in a regulated environment eliminates this fear.

An online poker room is as safe as your own house, because that’s where you’ll be playing from. Of course, you can also play from work, from the train…anywhere you can get an internet connection. You don’t even need a full size computer anymore, because PDAs and smartphones can access online poker rooms.

Concerned about internet security? Good for you. So are the best online poker rooms — they have a lot of money moving through their sites, so they need to have the best high-tech security they can find or design. All of that will apply to your account as well, so your online safety is guaranteed at one of our recommended poker rooms.

How Does the Staff Treat Their Players?: Another crucial part of a player’s experience is interaction with the poker room staff. If you have a problem, they’re the ones you have to deal with; find a venue that has competent professionals to rule on decisions. In addition to having a good floor staff, it is important to have courteous dealers that know the game. It is very frustrating when someone has no idea what to do in a situation where a lot of money is in the pot.

At the best online poker rooms, customer service and support is a 24/7 commitment. All of the sites listed on this page will show you the professional, personal attention you need for a thoroughly satisfying poker experience.

What Games are Available?: Certain poker rooms often offer a certain type of player. This usually depends on the games that are being spread as certain location favorite particular games and specific stakes. For example, Stud games are more popular on the East Coast of the United States, but not very popular on the West Coast.

Of course, all of our chosen online poker rooms have a variety of games, to please anyone who might be stopping by (this includes international players, celebrity players, and the worlds highest-ranked players, so we think you’ll find something that suits you!).

What are the Stakes?: The size of the stakes also attract various player types. The bigger the stakes, the more likely the game is to attract the sharks. If you only have a small bankroll then you should stay away from these games. Stick to smaller limit games as you will find players whose skill levels rival (or are worse) than yours.

Once again, this is barely an issue with online poker rooms. You can play for free, enter tournaments for free, find any minimum bet from 1 penny all the way to the kind of high-roller stakes that would make or break a major company. Whatever your skill level, whatever your bankroll, whatever the time of day or night, there’s going to be an online poker room perfect for you!

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