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Sun Poker

$500 Bonus

Sun Poker offers tables at all experience levels and limits for any and every player. Highly recommended A++

Mansion Poker

$500 Match Bonus

Mansion poker offers great promotions and has an outstanding number of players. Highly recommended

Pacific Poker

$400 Match Bonus

Pacific Poker is a fast and reliable online casino with prompt payouts. Highly recommended

There are a number of places to play poker. These poker rooms offer a variety of pros and cons. Let’s take a look what they have to offer.

  • Online Poker Rooms – Websites like Golden Palace are some of the best places to play poker. They’re a great place to learn for new players and can offer stiff competition for seasoned pros. The ability to play using a computer form home makes online poker rooms a very attractive offer. With online play taking off, it can be hard to choose where to play. For more information, come take a look at our guide to online poker rooms. If you’re interested in getting involved with the online poker community, it is important to know exactly where the best poker rooms are.
  • Poker Rooms in Casinos – The classic place to play games of skill and chance. Casinos offer live play and the competition is fierce. If you’re a high roller or looking to improve your live game, a casino could be the place for you. For beginners, however, a website like Bodog is probably the better choice while they are still learning the basics.
  • Home Games – Grab a seat and buy into the kitchen table tournament! The only thing better than playing poker is playing with your friends and family. Play with people you know, make it an event, and enjoy the game. These games are great because they’re as serious or casual as you want to make them. If you really want to surprise the guys at your next home game, though, go online to a website like Full Tilt Poker and practice at their tables to bring your game to the next level. They won’t be too mad when you win all their chips- they are your friends, after all.

Playing poker is a lot of fun, and it is important to keep it that way. Don’t bet more than you can afford, and keep your emotions in check. Whether you play online or in a casino, always be in control of the game.

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