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Action: a players chance to act by either checking, raising or folding.

Ante-Up: When a player must provide their portion of a mutual pot in order to see the hand.

All-In: To put all of your chips at risk during a hand.

Aggro: A player that plays very aggressively and sees a lot of hands.

Angle-Shooter: Someone who is always looking for an advantage in a game.

Backdoored: When a player catches the turn and river card to hit their drawing hand.

Bad Beat: When someone suffers defeat despite holding the strongest hand in the beginning of a showdown. In other words, someone gets lucky and hits a two-outer to crush your pocket Aces. Also see Suckout.

Big Blind: The largest of two blinds used in Hold’em before players are dealt their hole cards.

Big Slick: When a players gets Ace/King in his starting hand.

Blank: When a card lands on the turn or a river and ithat has no impact on possible hands because they can’t improve the board. An example of this is a flop that comes 10d/As/Ks and the run brings a 3c and the river brings a 6d.

Board: The community cards used by players to build a hand.
Bot: A computer program that is designed to play in the place of a human. They are considered illegal in online poker. Also a slang term for online players who tend to repeat the same betting patterns over and over.

Bottom Pair: When a person’s hand combines with the lowest denomination on the board to form a pair.

Brick and Motor Room: A land-based casino or poker venue.

Bubble: When the field is one away form making the money during tournament play.

Bubbliscious: Someone that repeatedly busts right before the cash payouts begin.

Button: The disc used to signfy the dealer’s hand during a game. Also referred to as the “player on the button.”

Buying It: When a player tries to use the size of their stack to get a player to fold.

Buy-In: the money required to sit at a poker table or the amount of money required for entry into a tournament.

Call: To put in the amount of a bet or a blind in order to see more cards during a hand.

Calling Station: A player that continually gets involved in pots despite holding weaker hands. These players can be difficult to beat because they are almost impossible to get them off of a hand.

Cap: The is the maximum you are allowed to bet during a hand (often the third or fourth raise).

Chat Box: A place on online site where players can converse during hands.

Check: To not bet but still giving oneself the option to call or raise should an opponent do so.

Check-Raise: When a player traps an opponent by checking their hand and then raising after an opponent makes a bet.

Chip Up: To add chips quickly or improve one’s position in a tournament by winning a big hand.

Chop It Up: when two players have the same hand at showdown or when the board brings a tie between all players involved in a hand. The money is split and given to each player.

Coin Flip: When a player makes a call with a hand that is similar to an opponent’s hand in which the  odds of winning are close to 50-50.

Cold Call: Calling multiple bets in a single action.

Connectors: When your starting hole cards rank one apart i.e. A/K or 5/6.

Counterfeit: When your hand loses its value because the board brings a card that equals what you are holding. An example of this may be that you were holding 9/10 and the flop comes J/Q/K. You are holding the straight but then the turn brings a 10, so although you have the straight, you are now vulnerable to a higher straight.

Crack-a-lack: When a player’s bottom pair ends up beating a stronger pair because a player lands a set or a bigger hand to bust an opponent. Also refer to as crack.

Crippled: When a player loses a big hand and is left with a minimal amount of chips with which to play.

Cut-Off: The player who acts before the button.

Dead Money: Inexperienced players who have little chance of beating tough fields.

Degen (Degenerate): This term is used to describe unscrupulous players that would rather pimp their mother than miss a hand in their $.25/$.50 game. This also includes any player that has missed their rent, bills, or child support payment due to having to buy in to a tournament.

Dog: Slang for underdog. Someone who has to hit miracle cards to come from behind in a hand to win.

Donkey: A really bad player.

Drawing Dead: When a player has no way of improving their hand against an opponent’s higher hand.

Equity: The share of a pot you can expect to win should you play the hand.

Extra Blind: When a player puts up the blind in order to join a hand when they are new to a table.

Family Pot: A hand in which all of the players at the table are involved.

Fish: A weak player that the sharks dream of when they sit down at the table.

Flop: The first three community cards.

Fold Equity: When a player gets extra value by getting a player to fold without putting more of their stack at risk.

Free Card: When players get to see a turn or a river card without having to add more money to the pot.

Freeroll: A tournament in which there is no buy-in or when a player wins enough money )before/after/during and event) to pay for their tournament entry or their buy-in in a cash game.

Gutshot: When a player hits a straight with a needed card i.e. if a player has 2/3 and the board comes 4/5/8. They need to hit a 6 on the turn or the river to hit their gutshot straight draw.

Gamble Gamble: A player who is willing to risk their stack simply because they like the action.

Going All-In: Betting the maximum amount of chips in front of you during a hand.

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