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Hack: Someone who sucks at poker but still seems to win.

Heads Up: Two players playing against one another. This happens when a tournament reaches the final two players or when the format is specifically one player versus another.

Hole Cards: The two starting cards players are dealt in the beginning of the hand.

House: The venue running the game.

Halved: When a pot is split in half because players hold the same winning hand.

Hammer: A starting hand of Deuce/Seven off-suit.

Implied Odds: A way of calculating the approximate value for a player to call a hand.

Insta-credits: A term for online players that bleed buy-ins.

Jam: To be aggressive during a pot in order to put an opposing player to a decision.

Jammer: A well-meaning sollipsist dilettante

Kicker: A card used in a hand that decides the higher ranking between two or more hands i.e. two pair with an Ace kicker.

Leak: A fundamental problem with a player’s strategy.

Limp In: To call action in a hand without raising the stakes.

Live Action: Cash games at a land-based venue or online.

Luckbox: Someone who continually sucks out on opponents repeatedly.

Lock: To have the highest possible winning hand.

Manic: A highly aggressive player that is willing to ship their stack on a marginal hand.

Made Hand: When you land a hand that can’t improve during play, i.e. four of a kind, a straight or a flopped full house.

Micro Limits: Small limits played in online poker.

Money Bubble: When a tournament reaches one player away from making the money. Once this player busts, everyone left will receive a payout.

Muck: To fold your cards. Also used to refer to the burn cards and the cards collected at the end of a hand.

Master Blaster: An online player that is well-known for their aggressive tendencies.

No Limit: A style of poker where there is no limit to the amount of money (limited to the cash or chips in play) that can be bet during a hand.

Nuts: The best possible hand.

No Dice: When the turn and river blank, failing to improve your hand.

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