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Tablestakes: These means that a player can’t bring in money that wasn’t already out on the table.

Tell: A physical clue or betting pattern that enables an opponent to figure out what you (or them) are going to do next.

The Action is On You: This means it is your turn to act.

The Dead Man’s Hand: When a player has two pair of Aces and Eights it is called the Dead Man’s hand in honor of poker playing gunslinger Wild Bill Hickok. Legend has it that Hickock was killed while holding the hand during a game in 1876.

Thin: There are very few outs to hit your hand.

Tilt: When a player loses control of their emotions and starts making bad decisions.

Time: When a player asks that the clock be suspended during tournament play so that they can make up there mind about their hand.

To Go: The chips you must put out in order to see the next card or the hand’s conclusion.

Toke: Dealer tip.

Top Pair: Having the highest pair on the board.

Top Two: When someone holds the board’s top two pair.

Trips: Three of a kind.

Tripped Up: To land a set during some point of a hand.

Turn: The fourth community card.

Turn and Burn: When the dealer burns a card before dealing the turn or river cards.

Under the Gun (UTG): The player that acts first in a betting round.

Underdog: A person whose odds of winning are very slim.

Value Bet: When a player wants to get their opponent to call their bet.

Variance: The swings associated with poker. Online players face a lot of variance due to the sheer number of hands they see (if they are multi-tabling).

Weeeeeeeeee: This is an online term for, “I’m having fun.”

Wheel: A straight using the Ace through Five cards.

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