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The rules of Texas Hold ’em Poker are simple: each player must make the best five card hand using any combination of their hole cards and the community cards on the board. A button is passed around the board in a clockwise direction. The players to the direct left of the button post the small blind and the person to the left of the small blind posts the big blind, which is usually twice the amount of the small blind. The blinds are put in to ensure there is always some money in the pot during every hand. During the first round of betting, the person next to the big blind is the first to bet.

After all players have decided to either bet or fold, the flop is placed on the table. The flop are three cards placed face-up that belong to every player in the hand. After the flop, another round of betting occurs after which a fourth card is placed on the table (the turn). After another round of bets, the final card (the river) is placed on the card, and then players make their last bets. Whoever is left in the hand then display their cards (the showdown) and the best hand wins.

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The Best Hands in Hold ‘Em

Consult this handy visual guide to the best hands in Texas Hold ‘Em.

Texas Hold ‘Em Betting Structure

The way in which the money is bet can entirely change how a game of No Limit Hold ‘En is played. It is important to be aware of the differences between betting systems.

  • No-Limit Hold ‘Em – In No-Limit Hold ‘Em (NLHE), players can bet or raise as many chips as they want at any point during the game. No Limit games are often very aggressive, with players attempting to price out drawing hands early. This is the most popular and famous variant of Texas Hold’Em.

  • Pot Limit Hold ‘Em – In Pot Limit Hold Em (PLHE), the maximum that can be bet at any time is the total sum of the chips in the pot. This makes it very cheap to play in the beginning of a hand, but very expensive by the end. This game has not enjoyed the popularity of No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em, but is sometimes available in casinos and online clients.

  • Fixed Limit Hold ‘Em– In a Fixed Limit Hold ‘Em (FLHE), a player may only bet or raise an amount equal to the size of the blinds. In Fixed Limit Texas Hold ‘Em, a pot can be raised a maximum of four times before the limit has been reached. Fixed Limit games see large numbers of players seeing their way to the showdown, as it is relatively cheap to continue to play. While not as popular as No Limit games, Fixed Limit Hold ‘Em is very common in all venues.

Gaining Experience

The best way to learn the rules of Texas Hold ‘Em is to play. For new players, it is suggested they try using the play-money tables at an online poker website such as , PokerStars, Doyles Room. Being able to experience the game without any risk is the perfect way to hone your Hold ‘Em skills. After they have become comfortable with the flow of the game, it is easy to make a deposit to any of these sites and begin playing cash games and tournaments.

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