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Texas Hold ‘Em Strategy

Texas Hold ‘Em is renowned for being a game of high strategy. Many books have been written specifically about the strategy of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, focusing on betting strategies, calling odds, and innumerable other topics. While it would be impractical for us to go in-depth on the subject, here are a few tips and tricks for Texas Hold ‘Em to help you come out ahead when playing Hold ‘Em.

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Tight/Aggressive Play Wins Games

There are four types of poker styles. Tight vs. Loose and Passive vs. Aggressive. A tight player plays very few hands while a loose player is betting into a large number of pots. A passive player will rarely raise and will generally follow along with whatever another player bets, while the aggressive player raises frequently.

A Tight/Aggressive player will play very few hands, but the hands he does play will feature heavy betting and check-raises. Tight/Aggressive players stand to earn the most money from Loose/Aggressive players and the least from Tight/Passive players.

How Often Should I Bluff?

Bluffing can become an essential part of any players games, but some top pros never bluff once in a single tournament. It takes hundreds of hours of poker to really get a feel for when is a good time to try and bluff a hand. Until you have that instinct, it is suggested you keep bluffing to a minimum. If you’re looking to practice, try using a website like Full Tilt Poker to learn bluffing strategies.

What Starting Hands Should I Play In Texas Hold ‘Em?

The best starting hands in Texas Hold ‘Em are strong pocket pairs. AA, KK, QQ should be played aggressively. Strong suited connectors such as AK and to a lesser extent KQ are also very strong, and should almost always be played pre-flop. Don’t become over confident in your monster hands, however: pocket aces get beaten thousands of times a day, and if you get the sense that your opponent has made a flush or straight, don’t hesitate to throw in your cards.

Practice Makes Perfect

To really improve your game, you have to play. Without sitting down and putting in some poker hours, you’re never going to get better. Sign up for websites like Cake Poker or Bodog, play at some of the low-stakes tables and learn the game. You have to play to win, and no one can make you a master until you’ve made the effort yourself.

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