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Learning the proper rules for bankroll management is crucial as playing above your appropriate limit could jeopardize your bankroll and send you to the poorhouse. According to pros like Daniel Negreanu, one of the key to answering this question is to be brutally honest with yourself by asking a series of questions that will help you decide what the appropriate buy-in for you is in a No Limit cash game.

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If you are new to the game, simply buy-in for the table minimum. There is nothing wrong with that and you won’t lose your whole bankroll in one hand. A typical $5-$10 No Limit game has a buy-in minimum buy-in of $200, so those still learning the game should start there.

Another question to ask yourself is how do you handle the pressure of big swings? No Limit is a fierce game and you often face big bets on the river, so if money is an issue, simply buy in for the minimum. On the other hand, if you have no problem handling pressure-packed situations, consider buying-in for the maximum.

Make sure to consider how the players are playing at your table when determining the size of your buy-in. If it is a tough table, buy-in for less. Also take into account consider the size of the largest stack at the table. It is important to have enough ammunition to be able to play at players so consider buying-in for a chip amount that puts you somewhere in-between the largest and smallest stacks at the table.

The toughest question you have to ask yourself is how big is your bankroll? Players should not play above their means because they will frequently go broke when the variance turns against them. It is much safe to play with a lower buy-in than to put all of your roll at risk with every hand you play.

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